Hannah Helming

The Future of Business Research: Collaborating and Transforming through XR Technologies

We're excited to share news of an engaging virtual workshop recently organized by the University of Münster's Center for Business Transformation (ChanCe). On March 30th, 2023, the Chair for Digital Transformation and the Chair for Transformation of Work, along with other faculty members of the University of Münster’s School of Business and Economics, collaborated to explore the innovative collaboration possibilities of the Metaverse. The meeting took place in the Virtual ChanCe Office on the Horizon Workrooms platform, an immersive virtual environment powered by the latest XR technologies.

The meeting aimed to explore potentials for future research collaborations on business transformation through XR technologies amongst faculty members across various business disciplines. Some of the themes discussed included interactive virtual learning/work environments, XR in product development and customer service, XR for talent development, education, and training, as well as data protection and ethics in XR.

The ChanCe Virtual Office will provide a platform for collaborative interdisciplinary research on business transformation through XR technologies. We encourage you to stay tuned for the latest developments in this exciting field and learn how you can actively get involved!