What is a case competition?

The basic premise of a case competition is for teams of students to jointly prepare and present a solution to realistic business problems under time pressure. For the most part, case studies are solved in teams of four and within a timeframe from two up to more than 24 hours. Within this period, the teams must read the case study, identify the main issues, develop a strategy and create a convincing presentation. Afterwards, the teams must present and defend their solution in front of a jury for around 15-30 minutes.


Students learn to work through complex issues, whilst being pressed for time, and to present and defend their solution. The issues are decision-oriented and not only train professional knowledge, but also the ability to work in a team and solve problems. Moreover, participants are given the valuable opportunity to socialize with other students from each continent and companies. Additionally, an extensive social program comprising city tours and soirees is facilitated.