The business simulation game INTOP takes place in both the spring and fall term. While the highlight in the fall term is the unique skiing experience in Mallnitz, Austria, there are different highlights in the springr term as well (e.g. cooking courses or weekends at the North Sea). The seminar is open for Bachelor and Master students. The seminar is taught in English. Thus, international students are very welcomed to attend.

For applying to the INTOP-Seminar, you have to fill in the INTOP-Form in this integrated link.






Conception and objective of INTOP

The business simulation INTOP (International Operations Simulation) promotes problem solving skills in an international business enviroment. Small teams of participants have to manage an international firm which forces students to show analytical and creative skills. Students have to organize their team's groupwork and try to be successful in an dynamic environment.

Each team manages an international corporation which is selling electronic products. Ten different quality levels of two different products are achievable. Investment, production, financing and marketing decisions have to be made  in three distinct markets (Europe, USA, Brazil). Beneath the compeditors' decision, there are seasonal and economic cycle effects changing the environment and the decision behaviour.

A team's sucess is documented in a balance sheet and an income statement at the end of every quater. Using these results students need to evaluate their strategy and their decisions to improve the performance in following quaters. The INTOP-Game is a good opportunity to bring together the students' theoretical and practical skills. Participants gain an understanding how various management decisions influence each other and determine the overall sucess of a company. Thus, Intop prepares students for working in a complex and competitive world.