Based on the initiative of Prince Otto zu Salm-Horstmar Emperor Wilhelm II. establishes a School of Government within the existing Academy in Münster.


Start of study program in economics accredited by the Prussian Ministry of Education. A Department for Economics and Social Studies is established.


Foundation of the Research Center for Housing and the Research Center for Traffic  by Prof. Dr. Werner Friedrich Bruck.


Prof. Dr. Werner Friedrich Bruck, Dean of the School of Government and Professor of Economics, establishes the first "Seminar for Auditors" at the university.


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Johns is elected as dean of the School of Government on 25.07.1946.


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Johns leaves Münster. Prof. Dr. Albert Schnettler becomes his sucessor and founds the "Institute for Business Administration".


The name of the "Institute for Business Administration" is changed into "Institute for Business Finance and Taxation" (22.11.1954).


Start of the diploma programm in business administration. The programm starts with three full professors. A fourth full professor follows in 1960.


The  name of the Institute for Business Finance and Taxation is again changed. The new name is Institute for Business Analysis. Director is Prof. Dr. Albert Schnettler.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Leffson succedes Prof. Dr. Albert Schnettler as director of the Institute for Business Analysis. The Institute teaches auditing and business taxation.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Dieter Schneider becomes the second director of the Institute of Business Analysis. A short time later he establishes the "Institute for Accounting and Taxation". Prof. Leffson renames the Institute of Business Analysis in Institue of Auditing. Later the name is switched into Institute for Financial Accounting and Auditing. 


The School of Government is divided into a Law School and the School of Business and Economics because of the continuous growing number of students.


Prof. Dr. Dietrich Börner follows on Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Dieter Schneider as director of Muenster Institute of Accounting and Taxation.


WP/StB Dr. Rainer Ludewig (*1926), Kassel, became honorary professor at Muenster Institute of Accounting and Taxation. (He held courses until 2002)


Retirement of Prof. Dr. Dietrich Börner.


Prof. Dr. Eva Eberhartinger, LL. M. succedes Prof. Börner as new director of Muenster Institute of Accounting and Taxation. In 2002 she becomes professsor at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien in Austria.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Watrin, StB, is appointed as new director of Muenster Institute of Accounting and Taxation in October 2002.


WP/StB Prof. Dr. Rainer Ludewig is granted the school's honory medal because of his continous support of the Muenster Institute of Accounting and Taxation.