Seminar papers

  • General information on seminar papers at the FCM

    Registration and redistribution:

    • To participate in the seminars, registration at the Examination Office and online registration at the FCM is required.
    • Online registration at the FCM takes place approximately two months before the beginning of the respective semester. The exact registration period will be announced in advance on the FCM homepage. Please indicate a first and a second request when registering. If you do not specify a second request, a seminar place cannot be guaranteed. If the number of applications is too high, a redistribution can be made. The online registration is binding. If you fail to register online in due time, you cannot be admitted.

    • Students who have chosen Finance in both Major and Minor can take two seminars in one semester. For all other students, registration is limited to one seminar per semester.
    • Master students can credit all seminars both for the FCM09 module (Financial Research Seminar) and for the FCM16 module (Seminar Advanced Finance).

    Relevant Work:

    The work to be completed consists of two parts: the written elaboration and the performance at the block event. The latter includes both the defence of one's own work and verbal participation in the discussion of other works.


    The processing time for the written elaboration is 5 weeks. The topics will be assigned at a kick-off event on the first day of the working period. The presentation and defence of the seminar papers takes place as part of a block event (either in Münster or as part of a seminar trip outside Münster lasting several days). Further information will be published in advance on the FCM homepage.

    The volume of a seminar paper may not exceed 15 pages. Furthermore, scientific work must formally meet certain minimum requirements which must be complied with. The following information sheet serves as an aid in the preparation of a scientific paper.

    Contact person:

    For specific information on the individual seminars, please contact the contact person at the respective chairs:

    For general questions regarding the coordination of the seminars, please contact René Marian Flacke.

  • Course Offer Summer Term 2019

    The Course Offer for the Summer Term 2019 is available online. The Online-registration at the FCM is open between January 7, 2019 and February 17, 2019.
  • Course Offer Winter Term 2018/2019

    The Course Offer for the Winter Term 2018/2019 is available online. The Online-registration at the FCM is open between August 6, 2018 and August 26, 2018.

    FCM-Skiseminar  (Teilnehmerinformationen)

    Empirical Banking Seminar

    Socially Responsible Investment Decisions

  • Course Offer Summer Term 2018

    FCM-Summer Seminar

    Seminar Derivates and Financial Engineering

    Seminar "Asset Price Bubbles - Causes and Consequences"