Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to further develop academic, linguistic, and personal competences. This is why the Finance Center as well as the International Office of the faculty support the international exchange of students. The International Office offers a lot of helpful information about partner universities, application procedures, and organizational processes. In addition, students have the opportunity to transfer credits to Münster for the courses covered abroad. The contact person for this credit point transfer process at the Finance Center is Jonas Backhus.


Information about the accreditation of foreign courses at the Finance Center

The Finance Center is the first contact for the following concerns:

  • Master of Business Administration: Major and Minor Finance modules
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: Modules offered by the Finance Center in the first two years of study


In order to get a course checked for accreditation in Münster, please contact Jonas Backhus ( after having received the admission from the foreign university and prior to the start of the exchange semester. Please hand in the following complete documents via email:

  • Name, email address, matriculation number of the applicant
  • Name of the foreign university, including the information whether it is a partner university
  • For Master students: Major and Minor
  • Syllabus of the courses with the following information (in English or German): Name of the course, detailed list of course contents, nature of the examination, level of the course (bachelor/master), workload in ECTS (in case of missing ECTS declaration, a proof of how the foreign university credits are converted to ECTS)
  • Assignment to modules, that shall be accredited in Münster
  • Please mark the important information in your documents. Please check the course descriptions of the foreign courses and the courses in Münster in order to hand in only relevant courses with according contents.


Process of the accreditation

The Finance Center will check the accreditation based on this information.

  • You are going to be informed about the accreditation decision via email. (This decision represents a tendency. The final check for accreditation is the responsibility of the examination board after the exchange semester.)
  • This information will also be handed to the examination office.
  • The courses can be approved after you hand in the transcript of records of the foreign university at the examination office.
  • In the event of any changes to your course schedule during the exchange semester, please contact Jonas Backhus and let your whole courses be checked for accreditation again.


Further information for Master students

  • The modules FCM01 to FCM12 can only be accredited if content, level, and workload (at least 6 ECTS) of the courses at the foreign university are comparable to the respective courses at the University of Münster.
  • The accreditation as “Advanced Finance on specific topics” is possible, if the content of the foreign course is primarily in the field of finance, if level and workload (at least 6 ECTS) are adequate, and if there is no major overlapping with one of the modules FCM01 to FCM12.
  • The accreditation of the “Elective module” is also possible in the case of a less pronounced finance focus or for courses with very quantitative content.
  • The accreditation of “Seminar Advanced Finance” is only possible for students with Major and Minor Finance. The seminar can be accredited if the foreign course workload is at least equivalent to 12 ECTS and if course level and content fit the accreditation requirements for “Advanced Finance on specific topics”.

An accreditation of courses in the Minor has to be requested separately at the respective Center. Accordingly, accreditation in the Finance Minor is checked by the Finance Center.