Dialogue with practice and lifelong learning

Each semester, we involve representatives from business and politics in our courses and extracurricular activities. We use different teaching formats that are based on the intended learning objectives.

In addition, the faculty offers executive teaching that allows working professionals to grow and reach their full potential. More information is available through WWU Weiterbildung.

  • Master's students collaborate with Flaschenpost

    Social platforms for employer ratings have gained importance in recent years. Ratings on Kununu or Glassdor consist on the one hand of quantitative "star" ratings, but also of descriptions that provide more detailed insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the rated company. While employees benefit from the exchange of experiences, companies can of course also derive considerable benefit from the platforms' data, as it reflects the perceived situation and provides input for targeted performance optimization. Together with the company Flaschenpost SE, an interactive monitoring dashboard was developed as part of a master project seminar of the department of Data Science: Statistics and Optimization. The automated dashboard includes informative metrics, statistics and visualizations based on data from a variety of relevant evaluation platforms. The platform acts in real-time on the incoming data streams and offers various options for data filtering, as well as direct comparison with competing companies. For the seminar participants, Flaschenpost offered an optimal infrastructure: In addition to the analysis software and contact persons, the students were given access to the company's global planning tools, for example, as well as the opportunity to participate in workshops and training sessions.

  • OMMAX Digital Solutions opens up insights into financial business valuation

    When it comes to the financial valuation of young companies, methods that are used in practice for the valuation of established companies often reach their limits. In the course "Managing Growth" of the Business Administration Master's program, the team of the Institute of Management Accounting & Control at the University of Münster collaborates with the company OMMAX Digital Solutions. OMMAX has extensive expertise in developing and scaling new business models, commercial due diligence, and transaction advisory services. OMMAX's support allows the course to expertly cover and discuss the valuation of young companies. Students will learn about the challenges of valuing young companies and will be able to expand their knowledge of client-based valuation methods.

  • Students teach pupils in financial topics

    Strengthening financial education in Germany - especially within the younger generation - is the goal of the non-profit association The Finance Class e. V., which emerged in 2020 from a project of the Finest in Finance support program at the Finance Center Münster. The members of the association teach schoolchildren, in consultation with their teachers, about everyday financial topics such as investing, retirement planning and taxes. A team of more than 70 students and alumni of business and economics programs develops learning concepts that are taught during classroom visits, for example in the subject of social sciences, or on project days. In the meantime, the members of the association have reached more than 1,000 pupils with their offer. The association is represented not only in Münster, but also in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Kiel and Frankfurt. Even after the spin-off of the now independent association, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pfingsten, Dr. Michael Goedde-Menke and Dr. Victoria Böhnke from the Finance Center Münster continue to support the initiative as scientific advisors.