Who to Contact

You have:

  • Questions about the current course offerings?
  • Questions about the course of your studies?
  • Other questions about your business studies at WWU?

and couldn't clarify them using the FAQ? Then feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or in person.

If you have questions about applications or a transfer to another university you should get in touch with the

 Student Affairs Office.

Enrolled students please contact the

Academic advising.

Study counseling for prospective students

Herr Dominik Nüse, B.Sc.
Universitätsstr. 14-16
E-Mail: studienfachberatung@wiwi.uni-muenster.de

If you have questions about registering for or opting out of examinations, transcripts of marks or other matters relating to examination regulations you should get in touch with the

 Examinations Office.

If you have general questions about your university studies (psychological support, student finance, living in Münster, studying and bringing up a child at the same time, studying with a disability), you should get in touch with the

 Central Student Advisory Service.

If you have questions about career orientation, internships, or need assistance with application materials, please contact our

 Career Service.

Do you have questions about studying and student life in Münster?

Our student contact persons will be happy to tell you more insights about studying and living in Münster. Write them your questions!

Nike Schachtebeck

👩‍🎓 Business Administrations B.Sc. since fall 2021

📗 Business Administration in Münster: This means close integration of theory and practice!

🚲 Münster is a real student city! The sports association of the university offers all types of sports!

🚀 First of all, after graduation, I want to pursue a master's degree - I'd also like to do it in Münster! After that, I'm interested in management consulting & working in start-ups!

✉ Write me a message

✉ nschacht@uni-muenster.de

Paula Paulsen

👩‍🎓 Business Administration since spring 2021

📗 What I like most is that you get insights into many different topics!

🚲 In Münster, I love to be out and about - whether it's swimming in the canal, a pub crawl on the Jüde or a walk along the Aasee!

🚀 After my graduation, I would like to go into management consulting. That's why I'm already gaining my first experience at move!

✉ Write me a message

✉ p.paulsen@uni-muenster.de