Fridtjof Bahlburg

Competitive Market Simulation Game

A workshop with Simon-Kucher & Partners
Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2022 - 14:30

Smart competitors are few and far between. Some are driven by market share and sales volume pressure, leading to price wars. Others rely exclusively on cost leadership and ignore the competition to focus on quality and differentiated products/services. In many cases, this damages margins, and the profitability of the entire market suffers.

In this workshop, you will experience for yourself the difference between smart and short-sighted competitive behavior by taking part in an exciting simulation game. In small teams and over the course of multiple rounds, you will endeavor to lead your own company to success ahead of the competition. As an entrepreneur, you will need to prove you can make decisions and negotiate with skill and foresight. Assisted by Simon-Kucher experts, each group will develop its own strategy. Finally, we will come together to discuss the outcomes and implications for your company.

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