Vortrag | Farid Toubal (University of Paris-Dauphine) | Corporate tax avoidance and sales: micro evidence and aggregate implications

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2022 - 16:15, DPL 23.110, Domplatz 23

Der Vortrag von Farid Toubal (University of Paris-Dauphine) findet im Rahmen des Ökonomischen Forschungsseminars statt, zu dem alle FB4-Wissenschaftler:innen herzlich eingeladen sind. Der Titel des Vortrags lautet "Corporate tax avoidance and sales: micro evidence and aggregate implications".

Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of corporate tax avoidance (CTA) on firm-level sales, and its aggregate implications. CTA gives a competitive advantage to avoiding firms, which leads to an increase in concentration if large firms adopt more aggressive CTA strategies. Using three identification strategies, we find a causal impact of CTA on sales in US firm-level data. CTA increased more among the largest firms, which reinforced their dominant position. In key industries, differences in CTA between firms explain 10%-30% of the increase in concentration since 1994. The influence of CTA induced concentration on industrial output is relevant at a macroeconomic scale.