Summer & Winter Schools

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You are interested in a stay abroad, but you don’t want to stay a whole semester? In this case the Summer/Winter Schools are perfect for you.

Summer/Winter Schools are mostly taking place in the months July and August or January and February. There are certain programs which start in June, September or December.

Application has to be addressed directly to the partner university (freemover-participation, nomination/recommendation by the IRC is unfortunately not possible). Please pay attention to the application deadlines and study costs.

Below you can find current offers of our partner universities for 2021/2022:





Uni Graz
Graz International Summer School Seggau 2022
Place and Dates:
Seggau Castle, Leibnitz, Austria
Courses: 3-16 July 2022
Application Deadline: 14 March 2022 
Course: Re-Measuring, Re-Calculating, Re-Counting: State - Society – Religion in Transition; the course is worth 6 ECTS
Fees: 1500€ (including tuition, meals, accommodation, extra-curricular program, Graz excursion)
Further Information:
University of Zurich
UZH International Summer Schools 2022 (virtual-edition)
Courses: 3-22 July 2022
Application Deadline: 25 April 2022
Courses: Each program is worth 6 ECTS 
1. Deep Dive into Blockchain - Linking Economics, Technology and Law (Tuition Fee: 1500 Swiss Franc); Further Information: Website, Flyer 
2. Finance for the Future: Investments, Sustainable Finance and FinTech (Tuition Fee: 1500 Swiss Franc); Further Information: Website, Flyer
3. What defines a Country's Success? Switzerland's Experience in Comparison (Tuition Fee: 1500 Swiss Franc); Further Information: Website, Flyer
Application: You can find the 5 easy steps to apply on this Website.
Further Inforamtion:
Zagreb School of Economics and Management 
June 20th to July 8th 2022
Application Deadline: June 1st
Tuition Fee is 1449€. 
Further Information
Masaryk University 
1. Global Prespectives: Media, Communication, Culture
Dates: 17 May - 12 June; Application Deadlines: 15 Febraury (early bird), 15 april (final deadline)
Credits: 6 ECTS
Price: 2950€ (including discount for partner universities) + 200€ early bird discount 
2. Birth and Deatch of Democrcacy 
Dates: 26 June - 17 July 
Credits: 6 ECTS
Price: 1600 € (including discount for partner universities)
3. Research Lab Internships  
Dates: 29 May - 23 July 
Credits: 10 ECTS
Price: 2600€ (including discount for partner universities)
Furhter Information: 
Copenhagen Business School
Application: 17 February at 12:00 - 15 March at 23:59 CET (Applicatioon Round 2022)
- 27 June - 14 July 2022: Short 3 weeks courses.
- 27 June - 29 July 2022: Ordinary 6 weeks courses.
- 27 June - 15 July 2022: Home assignment for short 3 weeks courses. The exam will start on the first teaching day and will run in parallel with the course.
- 27 June - 5 August 2022: Home assignment for ordinary 6 weeks courses. The exam will start on the first teaching day and will run in parallel with the course.
- 1 - 5 August 2022: 4-hour sit-in exams for ordinary 6 weeks courses. 
 Further Information:
Aarhus University (AU Summer University)
Aarhus University is pleased to offer a record-breaking number of Summer University courses. We offer more than 120 courses within most academic areas - all research-based teaching with a solid academic foundation. This is your chance for a summer experience at a top 100 university with more than 2000 international and local students in Aarhus, Denmark!
Courses: Find Information here
The course fee varies, as it depends on whether you are an EU citizen or not, the level and the amount of ECTS credits. You can find fee information on each course page right here. Students nominated for exchange by their home university will not have to pay a fee. Ask your home coordinator for your options.
Cost of Living: 
Estimated budget for a one-month stay in Aarhus: approx. 1000 EUR
This estimate includes housing, living costs, transport, books and social programme, excluding possible course fees. Find the budget here. Students nominated for exchange by their home university will not have to pay a fee but pay for living costs, including housing.
Term 1: 4-22 July 2022
Term 2: 25-12 August 2022
Application: You can apply for all courses online from 17 January until 21 March 2022 at 12 noon CET. Online Application 
Hanken School of Economics 
International Helsinki Days: 6.-13.2.2022
Application deadline: 12.12.2021
International Helsinki Days (IHD) is an international Seminar organized by the Student Union at Hanken School of Economics. 
Theme of this terms seminar: "How Nordic companies adn the business landscape evolved throughout the pandemic"
Further Information:
- Poster
- Flyer 
- Application Information 
Aalto University 
Digital Business Master Class (Summer School)
Courses: 7-18 February Pre-Work (online), 7-18 March Intensive Weeks (on-site at Aalto, situation permitting), 19-25 March: Post-Work 
The course topics include entrepreneurship, digital business, leadership, artificial intelligence and sustainable biometrical science. All courses are worth 6 ECTS.
Application deadline: 7.1.2022
Fees: 1600€, 50% discount for Students of Partner Universities, no tuition fees for nominated Students by Partneruniversities. 
Further Information:
Technology Program
3 month long minor program 
Courses: 30.5.2022-2.9.2022
Application: Application Period will open on Monday, 10 January 2022
Courses: The Program is worth 24 ECTS. ITP accepts applications from students with over 60 ECTS completed. 
Further Information:
Turku Åbo Summer School
Summer School 2022 at Truku Åbo University
Dates: August 2022 (the exact dates depend on the courses you choose)
Application: Online Application here. The Application deadline is April 19, 2022. 
Fees: Each course has a 75€ fee. 
Further Information:
Burgundy School of Business 
Authentic Leadership and Entrepreneurial Creativity 
- Face-to-face Summer School: June 20-24, 2022
- Online Summer School: July 11-15, 2022

Application deadline: March 31, 2022

- For the face-to-face Summer School: 160€ administration fee | 500€ for students from partner Universities 
For the Online Summer School: 80€ administration fee | 250€ for Students from Partner Universities 
Details about the Programm:
- Learning Objectives: Understanding entrepreneurial thinking and effectuation, Being aware of my personal leadership qualities, Learning to be a human-centered leader, Knowing how to understand a problem and its context, Knowing how to select and apply a number of creativity techniques, Learning to think visually and seek feedback for ideas

- Prgramme Credits: Face-to-face Summer School 2022: The in-person programme is credited with 6 ECTS and contains 25 contact hours with a lecturer during the 5 days | Online Summer School 2022: The online programme is credited with 4 ECTS and contains 20 contact hours with a lecturer during 4 days.

Application: Application Form
Further Information:
- Brochure
EM Lyon Business School 
EM Lyon 2022 Summer School for postgraduate Students 
Dates: June/July 2022
Application: Your home University has to nominate you until March 21. 
Fees: 1500€ per Module 
Further Information:
EM Normandie Business School
Courses in Le Havre
Dates: 1 to 14 Joly 2022
- Doing Business in changing world 
- International trade and transportation 
- Marketing analytics
- Strategic management 
- Technolgy and innovation management 
Couses in Paris:
Dates: 15 to 28 July 2022
- Business and eoconomics of climate change 
- Digital workplace and managening virtual teams
- Entertainment marketing 
- Project management in a digital era 
- Working in multicultural teams and environments
Fees: Depending on the amount of courses you choose: 650€ or 1.025€
Requirements: The summer school is open to Undergraduate and Graduate students providing that applicants have the pre-requisites specified in the course’s syllabus.
For non-native speakers of English: B2 (CEFR) or equivalent (TOEFL IBT 72, IELTS 5.0, TOEIC 750) is highly recommended.
Application: Your home University has to nominate you. After recieving the nomination, EM Normandie Business School will reach you via e-mail with information the following steps. 
Further Information:
ICN Business School 
French Language Summer School
"Improve language skills to enable good communication for a study programme abroad"
Courses: 20 hours course + 10 hours of independent studying
The courses are devided into two groups by language skill levels (A1/A2) and (B1/B2).
Dates and Application:
course: August 22nd to August 26th 2022
Application deadline: 8th of August 2022
Online registration form here
Costs: 360€
Further Information:
Neoma Business School
Sport Federations and major Events Management Program
Course: June 20th - July 8th, 2022
Application Deadline: May 15th, 2022
Several courses in e.g. Management, Marketing and Sponsorship of major Sport Events.  
Fee: 2.000€ (including lunch/excluding lodging and flight cost) 
Further Information:
Flyer (including Application Form)
NEOMA Summer Program
Rennes School of Business
1. Cross Cultural Management 
Course: 31 May to 10 June 2022
Nomination: 5 April 2022
Application: 15 April 2022
2. Sustainable Business
Course:14 June to 24 June 2022 
Nomination: 12 April 2022
Application: 22 April 2022
3. Doing Business in Europe
Course: 28 June to 8 July 2022
Nomination: 19 April 2022
Application: 29 April 2022
Application Process: Your home University has to recommend you. Afterwards you recieve an e-mail with the following steps. 
Further Information:
Rennes School of Business
Paris and the Keys to Luxury Business
July 3 to July 31 2022
Fees: 2450€ with a dicount of 550€ for Students from Partner Universities reducing the costs to 1950€. 
Radboud University Nijmegen
Radboud Summer Schools 
Courses: 81 courses on offer 
Dates: depending the course between June 20th 2022 and August 
Application: Online Application here. 
Fee: 25% Discount if the Application is sent before 1st of April 2022
Further Information:
University Twente
Summer School CuriousU
Courses: August 14 until August 23 
Application Dedline: May 18 2022
Application via the International Office of the WWU. 
Further Information:
BI Norwegian Business School
1. Multisensory Experiences
2. The Sustainable Career: Burnout, Boundaries and Balance in Business
Course dates: 20 June - 15 July 2022
Application: 15 April 2022
Fees: For Students of Partner Universities who are officially nominated the tuition is waived. 
Application: Online Application here
Further Information:
SGH Warsaw School of Economics 
German-Polish Summer School "Eine robuste Nachbarschaft? Die Beziehungen zwischen Polen und Deutschland in Wirtschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft.
28 August - 9 September 2022
Information abput the courses, the Application and the Programm itself:
Universidad politécnica de Madrid (UPM) - Internatinal Summer School
- Courses: 6 June to 29 July 2022
- Application:  19 April 2022
Application form here.
Oncampus Courses + Oncampus Courses with Live Streaming

Online Courses

Professional Workshop

Further Information: 
- Website
Linköping University
Dates: between 4th and 29th of July 2022
Application: Application for Students available on 1st February 2022. A nomination by the International Relations Center ist necessary, so please contact us, if you are interested in participating at Linköping Summer School. 
To apply the student needs a transcript showing 60 ECTS or equivalent passed, as well as a nomination certificate, signed and stamped by their international coordinator.
Fees: Accomodation package (rent, bed linen, blanket, internet, regional bus pass, gym membership and final room cleaning) for 533,69€. 
Credits: All offered courses bear 7.5 ECTS
Further Iinformaiton:



Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
During Winter: May to July
During Summer: December to January
One to two weeks intensive programs. 
Further Information available here.
Tongji University
Online Winter Camp for Chinese Studies
Courses: 8 February- 15 February 2022
Registration: 5 January 2022 (bejing Time)
Application Deadline: 14 March 2022
Fees: no fees
Excellent Live Chinese Courses:
Substantial Chinese CUlture Lectures 
Innovative forms of online travel:
Multicultural exchange nedd us truly appreciate different culture 
Morning or afternoon class available.  
Further Information:
Nagoya University of Commerce & Business
NUCB Virtual Winter Program
Dates: Jan. 21st- Jan. 31st 2022
Courses: Entrepreneurial Thinking (1 course with 4 lectures, 3 presentations, 1 workshop and 1 group project) worth 3 ECTS
Application: Your home Univerisity has to nominate you. Nomination deadline: January 9 2022.
Fee: 35000 JPY (~267€)
Requirements: TOEFL iBT 80 
Further Information:



Additional Summer/Winter Schools

Here you can find information of Summer/Winter Schools of extern providers / universities which have no partner agreement with our faculty. Therefore, we are not able to take responsibility for the content and quality of the programs and websites. The School of Business and Economics has no impact on editorial content of the foreign websites and that the operators comply with the legal regulations.

Zagreb School of Economics and Manegement
Courses (10th to 21st January): 
1. Communication during Crisis (5 ECTS)
2. Entrepreneurial Leadership (5 ECTS)
3. A.I. in Business (5 ECTS)
4. Skills for 21 st Century (5 ECTS)
5. Croatian studies (4 ECTS)
Additional free course
Application Deadline: 20th December 2021
Payment Deadline: 23rd December 2021
Regular Program Fee: 1.000,00 € 
Further Information:
Center for Behavioral Experiments (CEBEX)
Prague Conference on Behavioral Science 
Date: May 20th 2022
Keynote Speaker: Urs Fischer, the father of z-Tree and author of influential papers on sociel preferences. 
PCBS focuses on experimental research of human decision-making in economics, neuroeconomics, and other behavioral sciences. The call-for-abstracts is now open.
Find more details at the website.
CEBEX Summer School on behavioral Sciences
Date and Place: July 30 to August 7 2022; Prague or online 
6ECTS course focused on developing, running and evaluating experiments  with specialization in:
- Behavioral Public Policy
- Behavioral and Experimental Economics 
- Evolutionary Behavioral Economics 
Further Information about Pricing and Dates: Website