Placement in a higher semester

Students who have changed their university or degree programme have the option of being placed in a higher semester. The classification must be made before applying for admission to a higher semester. Please also refer to the information provided by the Student Administration Office. Up to 4 weeks are allowed for processing a placement application. Forms submitted less than 4 weeks before the end of any application deadlines will be processed, but a timely decision on the application cannot be guaranteed.

Placement process:

  • Application

    Please fill out the form for placement in a higher semester legibly and completely. Then sign the form and submit it together with all the necessary attachments.
  • Attachments

    Please attach the following to the form:

    • Transcript of Records - authenticity must be verifiable, i.e. either the original with seal and/or signature or an electronically verifiable Transcript of Records.
    • Descriptions of the modules/partial module achievements in German or English (official module handbook, lecture slides, literature used, etc.). Summaries or course descriptions prepared by the applicant himself/herself cannot be used for the examination of the acquisition of competences. The descriptions must be clearly assigned to the respective modules by the applicant in order to enable rapid processing. Missing or incorrect assignments are the responsibility of the applicant. If module descriptions, scripts, etc. are not available in German or English, they must be officially translated and the translation must be proven.

    Please ensure that the submitted documents are sufficiently informative. Missing or incomplete descriptions of the course content are at the applicant's expense.

  • Formal check of the documents in the examination office

    The submitted documents are checked for completeness in the examination office. If necessary, additional documents will be requested. Please check your university e-mail box regularly.
  • Content review by the subject representatives

    Complete forms are forwarded to the respective subject representatives for review of the content. They decide on the possibility of recognition on the basis of the documents submitted. The recognition of achievements for the placement shall be refused if there are substantial differences between the achievement performed externally and the achievement to be replaced. Substantial differences exist if the lack of competences would unreasonably complicate the further course of studies.
  • Placement decision

    Achievements that can be recognised provide the basis for the calculation of the placement in a higher semester. The achievements with the credit points of the WWU are included in the calculation. The following threshold values apply for the placement:
    achieved credit points Placement in semester
    < 15 No placement in a higher semester
    15 - 44 2
    45 - 74 3
    75 - 104 4
    105 - 134 5
    135 - 164 6


  • Notification of the classification decision:

    You will receive a notification as soon as the placement process is completed. If you have been placed in a higher semester, you can pick up the completed form during office hours and submit it to the Student Secretariat.
    If a placement was not possible, you will receive a letter informing you that your placement has been refused.

Please note that applications for placement and applications for recognition are independent of each other. Recognition must be applied for separately after enrolment.