Notes on using FlexNow

Weekly maintenance work on FlexNow2 takes place every Wednesday between 09:00 and 10:00. This may also result in FlexNow2 being unavailable.

Please note that FlexNow will only be accessible from the university network as of 01.03.2023. You can access the university network at the computers in the university PC pools or by using the Cisco system AnyConnect VPN client.

To do this, please set up Cisco AnyConnect.

Instructions for setting up

Please note that in addition to the network access password, a one-time password (OTP) is required to use VPN access.

Installation and application instructions

For technical questions and help with setting up Cisco AnyConnect, please contact the


FlexNow2 includes the following functions:

  • Exam registration/deregistration [registration/deregistration of exams].
  • Viewing personal data [Student data]
  • Viewing open registrations and grades [Student data].
  • Creation and viewing of grade summaries / data sheets [data sheet]


  • Registration / deregistration of examinations

    Instructions in PDF format

    In FlexNow2, the registration or deregistration of examinations takes place via the menu item of the same name. The registration is divided into four steps.

    1. In the first step, select the respective section of the degree programme from your degree programme in which you would like to register an examination.
      You must then select the module in which you wish to register for one or more examinations.
      Note: Modules that have already been taken but not yet completed can always be found at the top of the module selection list.
    2. After selecting the module, the second step is to select the examination within the module. It is important that for modules with only one activated examination, this is automatically placed in the examination basket after the module has been selected. For modules with several partial examinations, these must always be manually placed in the examination basket.
    3. After you have completed the selection of exams, you can check them in the exam basket. By clicking on Cancel, you can undo a selection and delete the intended exam registration.
    4. To register or deregister for the selected exam(s) click Submit.

    After you have sent the examination basket, you will directly receive a notice per examination whether the registration was successful (in green) or failed (in red). You will also receive this information in your confirmation e-mail to your e-mail account. Furthermore, you can check directly after a registration or deregistration under your study data whether the exams are visible after a registration or have been removed from your data after a deregistration.

    When you deregister, you go through all the steps in the same way as when you register. The only difference here is that you have to go to the module with the already registered exam and add the exam deregistration to the exam basket.

  • Student data

    In FlexNow2 you have online access to the current data of your studies at any time. Under [Student data] you have to select your degree programme and load the general data and exams.

    General Information

    Under "General information" you will find an overview of the personal data recorded about you in FlexNow.

    Examinations taken in previous semesters

    Under "Examinations taken in previous semesters" you will receive an overview of your examinations from all previous semesters.

    Examinations of the current semester - registered examinations

    Under "Examinations of the current semester - registered examinations" you will receive an overview of your examinations from the current semester of your degree programme.


    Under "Zeugnisse" you can view all calculated degrees in FlexNow. They also list the individual subjects and the grade point average you achieved in each subject.

    Semester overview

    Under "Semester overview" you can see an overview of the semester calculation for each degree programme.

  • Data Sheets - Grading Overviews

    In FlexNow2, you have the option of creating one or more grade overviews as a PDF document. Under [Data sheet -> create ( verifiable)], you can select your corresponding degree programme. In addition, you can give each data sheet you create an expiry date and a comment. The data sheets have an individual code and an associated password and remain stored on the server until they are deleted. This allows third parties to verify the authenticity of your data sheet online. The expiry date allows you to grant access only for a certain period of time.

    All documents are available in German as well as in English.

    You can view and manage created data sheets until they are deleted under [Data sheet -> Show].

  • Settings FlexNow2

    You can also decide yourself whether the grade of an examination result should be sent to you directly in the notification e-mail from the examination office. You can find this setting in FlexNow2 under [Settings -> General settings -> Grade may be sent with email notification (tick)].