Withdrawal after the end of the deregistration period

After the deadline for registration and deregistration, regular deregistration of examinations is no longer possible. Exceptions can only be granted on application if there are serious reasons (e.g. illness on the day of the examination), you are not responsible for these reasons, you can prove these reasons (e.g. medical certificate) and submit a corresponding application to the examination office. Please enclose the relevant supporting documents with your application and submit them during office hours or by post.

Please observe the applicable regulations of the notice of non-appearance for examinations in the respective current version, which are listed here in extracts. Only the valid version of the poster is legally binding!


I.    Notification and proof of good cause in the event of non-appearance at an examination date

If, for good reason, a candidate is unable to appear at an examination date, he must immediately inform the examination board (office: Examination Office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences) of the following

  • submit a written request (cancellation request) and
  • enclose proof of good cause (e.g. illness, death in the family, court summons, accidents, etc.).

The request for cancellation and the supporting documents in the prescribed form must be submitted immediately and cumulatively. These requirements are laid down in the examination regulations and are explained in more detail below.

The application can be submitted in person during office hours, by letter/enrolment and by e-mail (pam@wiwi.uni-muenster.de). Applications by e-mail must be submitted from the student's personal ZIV account (example: b_enutzername01@uni-muenster.de).


(1) Immediateness of the application

The application for cancellation must be submitted to the Examination Office without delay. In principle, the application is deemed to have been submitted without delay if it is submitted to the Examination Office no later than three working days (working days Monday to Friday) after the cessation of the valid reason for cancellation to be proven. This period may be observed either

  • by personal delivery during office hours to the Examination Office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences against receipt, or
  • by delivery to a post office against receipt (registered letter). For postal tasks, the date of the postmark shall be decisive.

In case of doubt as to the timely submission of the cancellation request, compliance with the deadline must be proven by presentation of the receipt. If the application reaches the Examination Office in any other way, the candidate bears the risk of not being admitted to the Examination Office in due time.

If the documents are not received in full (e.g. missing certificate or copy of identity card), the student will be informed by e-mail to the ZIV account that the missing documents will be submitted within the above deadline. Otherwise the application will be rejected. If the basic deadline for the immediate submission of the cancellation request cannot be met, the candidate must prove that he/she is prompt in the individual case. In this case, he/she must be able to prove that he/she has made the necessary application at the earliest opportunity.

If the examinee instructs a person to submit the cancellation request, the examinee's own fault shall be deemed to have been caused by that person's failure to comply with the deadline.


2. proof of the valid reason

a. sickness

Test subjects who do not appear at a test date in the event of illness must immediately consult a doctor who will attest to the illness. Immediately in this case means that the examinee visits a doctor at the latest on the day of the exam which has not started and submits a certificate with the date of issue of this day.

In the case of examinations which take place outside the regular office hours of the doctors, the medical on-call service must be used for this purpose.

b. Other valid reasons

Other valid reasons can be e.g. death within the family, court charges, accidents or similar. For this, too, appropriate evidence must be presented immediately (after issue), e.g. death certificate, court summons, accident certificate.

Proof of the existence of a valid reason must also be submitted to the Examination Office without delay. In this respect, the explanations for the immediate submission of the cancellation request shall apply accordingly.


II. notification and proof of valid reasons after commencement of an examination

A termination of a started examination is generally excluded.

If a candidate falls ill before the start of the examination, he must draw the necessary conclusions. This means that he must ask his attending physician whether he considers participation in the examination to be justifiable from a medical point of view or whether he recommends withdrawing from the examination. If the examinee undergoes the examination although the attending physician has recommended withdrawal from the examination, withdrawal from the examination is excluded after the start of the examination. The same applies if he was aware of his inability to take the examination or if he had to be aware of the circumstances. In this case, he may not invoke his inability to take an examination either after the examination has been completed or when the examination has been discontinued.

In the event that the illness was not recognisable to the examinee prior to the examination and he therefore had no reason to make use of the possibility of withdrawal, the inability to take the examination into account can be retroactively taken into account. These prerequisites are given in particular in the case of undetected diseases and diseases which were known to the candidate before the examination but which did not impair the testability up to the beginning of the examination and which worsened so significantly during the examination that an inability to test occurred during the examination.

Test subjects who, in the event of illness, appear at a test appointment and abort the test, must immediately after the aborted test consult a doctor who will attest them to the sudden inability to take the test during the test and to the time of the doctor's visit.

With regard to the immediacy, the content of the proof and the submission of the cancellation request and proof, the same conditions shall apply as in the case of non-appearance for an examination for a valid reason, unless otherwise specified here.

In the event that the examination is discontinued, the medical on-call service or the outpatient departments of the hospitals are to be used, insofar as the evidence is to be provided outside the doctors' office hours.


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