PEDD Conference Program 2018

Note: The program might be subject to change.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Conference venue: CIW

Program Time Venue
Registration 12:00 – 18:00h  102
Opening 14:00 – 14:15h SCH2

Plenum I: Keynote Lecture

Timur Kuran: Intolerant Communities and Democratic Erosion

14:15 – 15:45h SCH2
Coffee Break 15:45 – 16:00h 101
Parallel Sessions A1-A3 16:00 – 17:30h 107, 124, 125

A1 Constitutions and Social Choice

TETSURO OKAZAKI (Takushoku University)

Constitutional Reform under Budget Constraint and the Effect of Constitution on Political Bargaining

Discussant: Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska



Post-Socialist "Illiberal Democracies": Do De Jure Constitutional Rights Matter?

Discussant: Thomas Daske


THOMAS DASKE (Technical University of Munich)

Externality Assessments, Welfare Judgments, and Mechanism Design

Discussant: Tetsuro Okazaki


A2 Fiscal Capacity, Incumbency Bias and Electoral Outcomes

ALESSANDRO BELMONTE (Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca), Desiree Teobaldelli, Davide Ticchi

Tax Morale, Fiscal Capacity, and Wars

Discussant: Mascha Rauschenbach


Katrin Paula, MASCHA RAUSCHENBACH (University of Mannheim)

Blessing or Curse: The Consequences of IMF Scrutiny for Pre-electoral Violence

Discussant: Stephan Kyburz


STEPHAN KYBURZ (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Does Democracy Moderate Resource-induced Conflicts?

Discussant: Alessandro Belmonte


A3 Types of Autocracy

KUNAL SEN (University of Manchester)

Who is the Stationary Bandit? Types of Autocracies and Economic Growth

Discussant: Matilde Thorsen


MATILDE THORSEN (Aarhus University)

Policymaking in Autocracies: When Dictators Are Ideologically Motivated

Discussant: Phoebe Wasfy


PHOEBE WASFY (University of Hamburg)

Autocratic Survival in Oil Abundant Countries: How to buy a Dictator’s way out?

Discussant: Kunal Sen



Welcome Reception

Café Gasolin

18:00 – 21:00h

Aegidiistraße 45


Friday, March 16, 2018

Conference venue: CIW

Program Time Venue
Registration 08:30 – 18:00h 102
Parallel Sessions B1 – B3 09:00 – 10:30h 107, 124, 125

B1 Rent-Seeking and Electoral Outcomes

Koen Schoors, LAURENT WEILL (University of Strasbourg)

Politics and Banking in Russia: The Rise of Putin

Discussant: Kim Leonie Kellermann


KIM LEONIE KELLERMANN (University of Münster)

Political Participation and Party Capture in a Dualized Economy


B2 Regime Change I

MAJA ADENA (Berlin Social Science Center), Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova, Hans-Joachim Voth

Bombs, Broadcasts, and Betrayal at the Home Front: High Treason in Germany towards the End of World War II

Discussant: Muhammad-Basheer Ismail



Regime Change through Terrorism in the Name of Jihad: An Overview of Boko Haram Crisis from Islamic and International Humanitarian Law Perspectives

Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov



Coups, Regime Transition, and the Dynamics of Press Freedom

Discussant: Maja Adena


B3 Democratic Institutions

Klaus Gründler, TOMMY KRIEGER (University of Konstanz)

Machine Learning Indices, Political Institutions, and Economic Development

Discussant: Gerhard Wegner


GERHARD WEGNER (Erfurt University)

Reassessing the dependence of capitalism on democracy – The case of Imperial Germany and the Weimar Republic

Coffee break


Parallel Sessions C1 – C3 11:00 – 12:30h 107, 124, 125

C1 Political Preferences

Christian Ochsner, FELIX RÖSEL (Ifo Institute Dresden Branch)

Activated History - The Case of the Turkish Sieges of Vienna

Discussant: Denis Ivanov


DENIS IVANOV (National Research University – Higher School of Economics)

The Legacy of Stalin in Georgia: Ideology and Hometown Effect

Discussant: Lena Gerling


Kim Leonie Kellermann, LENA GERLING (University of Münster)

Contagion Effects of Non-Mainstream Party Support: Evidence from Germany

Discussant: Felix Rösel


C2 (Ethnic) Conflicts and Peace Building

NILS-CHRISTIAN BORMANN (University of Exeter; University of Witten-Herdecke), Martin Steinwand

Power-Sharing Coalitions and Ethnic Civil War

Discussant: Syed Mansoob Murshed


SYED MANSOOB MURSHED (Erasmus University; Coventry University), Muhammad Badiuzzamn

On the Impact of Post-Conflict Power Sharing Agreements on Growth in Developing Countries after 1989

Discussant: Tim Krieger


TIM KRIEGER (University of Freiburg), Laura Renner

Polygyny and Conflict - Exploring Mechanisms

Discussant: Nils-Christian Bormann


C3 Accountability in Autocracies I

CHRISTIAN GLÄßEL (University of Mannheim), Adam Scharpf, Belén González

Rebel Threat or Political Connections? The Logic of Military Home Deployment

Discussant: Sören Schwuchow


SÖREN SCHWUCHOW (Brandenburg University of Technology)

Extractive Institutions, Choking Taxes, and War: On the (Beneficial) Impact of Inequality in Autocracies

Discussant: Thomas Apolte


THOMAS APOLTE (University of Münster)

A Theory of Autocratic Transition: Prerequisites to Self-Enforcing Democracy

Discussant: Christian Gläßel

Lunch 12:30 – 14:30h Mensa am Aasee

Plenum I: Keynote Lecture

Uwe Sunde: Democracy, Demography and Comparative Development

14:30 – 16:00h SCH2
Coffee Break  16:00 – 16:30h 101
Parallel Sessions D1 – D3 16:30 – 18:00h 107, 124, 125

D1 Drivers of Institutional Change

Charles Angelucci, SIMONE MERAGLIA (University of Exeter), Nico Voigtländer

The medieval roots of inclusive institutions: from the Norman Conquest of England to the Great Reform Act

Discussant: Sylvia Sztern


SYLVIA SZTERN (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Railroads to Democracy. Individualism, Rationalism and Literacy. The Challenge to Autocracy in Late Imperial Russia

Discussant: Sara Torregrosa


Christian Ducoing (University of Lund), SARA TORREGROSA (Lund University)

Growth, Inequality and Extraction in Ibero-American Democratizations

Discussant: Simone Meraglia


D2 Institutions, Investment, and Conflict

ARTHUR SILVE (Laval University)

Democratic spillovers

Discussant: Sophie Panel


Abel Francois, SOPHIE PANEL (Sciences Po Bordeaux), Laurent Weill

Are some dictators more attractive to foreign investors?


D3 Accountability in Autocracies II

ANTONIS ADAM (University of Ioannina), Sofia Tsarsitalidou

Do Sanctions Lead to a Decline in Civil Liberties?

Discussant: Mario Roberto Gilli


MARIO ROBERTO GILLI (University of Milan-Bicocca)

Selectorate's Information and Dictator's Accountability


Conference Dinner

Restaurant “Schlossgarten Café"

18:30 – 21:00h

Schlossgarten 4


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Conference venue: CIW

Registration 08:30 – 12:00h 102
Parallel Session E1 – E2 09:00 – 10:30h 107, 124, 125

E1 Resource Rents, Prosperity and Institutions

GERRIT MEYERHEIM (Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich)

Income and Democracy Revisited

Discussant: Jonathan Lehne


JONATHAN LEHNE (Paris School of Economics)

The Opium Curse? Long-run consequences of Narcotics Cultivation under the British Raj

Discussant: Antonio Savoia


Tania Masi, ANTONIO SAVOIA (University of Manchester), Kunal Sen

Is there a fiscal resource curse? Resource rents, fiscal capacity and political institutions

Discussant: Gerrit Meyerheim


E2 Regime Change II

Paolo li Donni, MARIA MARINO (University of Florence)

Time-Varying Unobserved Heterogeneity in Democratic Processes

Discussant: Martin Paldam


MARTIN PALDAM (Aarhus University), Erich Gundlach

A Study of Triggering Events: When do Political Regimes Change?

Discussant: Mario Ferrero


MARIO FERRERO (University of Eastern Piedmont)

A New Theory of Revolution

Discussant: Maria Marino

Coffee break 10:30 – 11:00h 101
Parallel Session F1 – F3 11:00 – 12:30h 107, 124, 125

F1 Culture, Fiscal Policy and the Welfare State

KLAUS GRÜNDLER (University of Würzburg), Sebastian Köllner

Culture, Diversity, and the Welfare State

Discussant: Lucia Della Pellegrina


Lucia Dalla Pellegrina, GIORGIO DI MAIO (University of Milano-Bicocca), Donato Masciandaro, Margherita Saraceno

Vulnerability to Money Laundering and Crime Deterrence: Evidence from Italy

Discussant: Giacomo de Luca


Daron Acemoglu, Giuseppe De Feo, GIACOMO DE LUCA (University of York)

Weak States: Causes and Consequences of the Sicilian Mafia

 Discussant: Klaus Gründler


F2 Accountability in Autocracies III

ADAM SCHARPF (University of Mannheim; German Institute of Global and Area Studies), Christian Glaessel

How Dictators Staff Their Secret Police: The Case of Argentina's Battalion 601

Discussant: Dmitriy Vorobyev


Oleg Sidorkin, DMITRIY VOROBYEV (University of Wisconsin-Madison; CERGE-EI (Prague))

Extra Votes to Signal Loyalty: Regional Political Cycles and National Elections in Russia

Discussant: Alexander Libman


Fabian Burkhardt, ALEXANDER LIBMAN (Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich)

Tail Wagging the Dog: Control vs. Rent-Seeking in Appointing Bureaucrats in Non-Democratic Regimes

Discussant: Adam Scharpf


F3 Terrorism

NICOLA BRUGALI (University of Bologna), Paolo Buonanno, Mario Gilli

Italian Terrorism, Data and Network

Discussant: Lamis Saleh


LAMIS SALEH (University of Hamburg)

Treat them well or they might turn against you: Do refugees bring along terrorism?

Discussant: Daniel Meierrieks


Thomas Gries, DANIEL MEIERRIEKS (University of Freiburg)

"Pay for it heavily": Does U.S. Support for Israel lead to Anti-American Terrorism?

Discussant: Nicola Brugali

Farewell Lunch 12:30h

Mensa am Aasee