DATEV licence WS 2023/2024

Note - the course will take place in German.


Ruben Klemm, M.Sc.

Course Overview:

Nr. 044360

Type and duration of the event:

Lecture (introductory course and block seminar)

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10.11.2023, 08:15-16:00 WiWi 1

17.11.2023, 08:15-16:00 WiWi 1

24.11.2023, 08:15-16:00 WiWi 1


Klausur:  TBA

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Ruben Klemm, M.Sc.


There are 25 places available for participants.



I. Classification of the course

  •     Course in the Bachelor's degree programme, module Key Qualification ("Selected Chapters Key Qualifications"), 2nd year of study.
  •     Certificate of achievement: Participation in the guest lecture as well as in the block course; successful completion of the DATEV licence including final exam, 3 LP (PO 2018) or completion of a seminar paper.

II Learning objective and content of the course

    The aim of the course is to teach students the possible uses of EDP in a tax consultancy using various DATEV programmes, including the following topics:

  •         Accounting
  •         Annual accounts
  •         Taxes
  •         Business management analysis

    The course consists of three modules:

  •         DATEV - Industries, Processes, Trends

            Guest lecture by Mr. Andreas Rumpf (DATEV, Dortmund).
            Self-learning component (e-learning) on current and expected developments in the tax consultancy sector (time required: 1.5 hours).
            Exam relevance: 15


  •         Case study law firm practice

            Interactive processing of the case study on the PC with the help of the DATEV software under the guidance of the lecturer.
            Exam relevance: 70

  •         LEXinform/Info-Database Pro

            Self-learning component focusing on the use of the tax law database LEXinform Steuern/Recht/Wirtschaft Pro and the Info-Database (time required: 2 hours).
            Exam relevance: 15

III. Application and registration

    The number of participants is limited to 25.
    Registration is possible via the registration tool. 25 places will be allocated.
    After delivery of the confirmation of participation, the registration (registration period for early examinations), which is binding under examination law, must still be submitted to the Examinations Office.

IV. Necessary previous knowledge

    Financial accounting
    Annual accounts
    General business studies