Seminar during the summer term 2020 - Selected Topics in International Economi

During the summer term 2020 it will be possible to acquire 6 credit points in the modul "Selected Topics in International Economics" (Bachelor of Science). Successful attendance requires the creation and presentation of a seminar paper (15 pages) during the seminar. 

Topic list and description will be posted in the LearnWeb on the 11th of February 2020. Date, room and other information will also be provided in the LearnWeb.

Starting on the 11th February, interested students can mail their prefered topic (or preference list) to chair assistants, the official registration is to be done at the examination office during the early exam registration phase. The work on the paper can be started during semester break. The number of participants is capped by the number of topics, every topic can be assigned twice (at max), the assignment will follow the "first-come-first-serve-principle".