Update: Lectures and seminars in the summer semester 2020

Advanced Microeconomics II:

This lecture was originally planned for the week from 30th March to 3 April. Due to Corona, all teaching is suspended until April 20 (so far). We now prepare to do the course completely online. In the next days and weeks, we will upload selected textbook scans, videos with online lectures, the lecture slides, problem sets and sample solutions. We will provide a 'lecture guide' that tells you what to do and how to do it. We will make an effort to provide everything online such that you do not need to go outside at all. See LearnWeb course "Advanced Microeconomics II SS2020" for more information.

Public Economics:

This lecture takes place in the first term (22 April to 20 May). If the university stays closed (due to corona) after April 20, the lecture (and class) will be offered online (via videos and supplementary material). See LearnWeb course "Public Economics SS2020" for more information. If anything new comes up, we will post it there.

Seminar: International Tax Policy

The seminar is currently planned for May 8th. If the university is still on lock-down (due to Corona) then, we will (preferrably) find a new date later on or another (probably online based) solution. In any case, we will do whatever is possible such that the participants can finish the seminar.

Deadline for seminar thesis submission: now extended to 4 June 2020!
Presentations: 8 May 2020 (and if necessary 15 May 2020)

To keep in contact, please enlist in the LearnWeb course "Seminar International Tax Policy". If anything new comes up, we will post it there or write an email via LearnWeb.