Research Seminar

The research seminar is jointly organized by the Economics Department.

Time: Wednesday, 16.15 - 18.00.

Location: DPL 23.110, Domplatz 23

Programme Summer Term 2022:


Presenter Inviting Faculty Member Titel
20.04.2022 Heiner Schumacher,
University of Innsbruck
Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt Search Costs and Diminishing Sensitivity
27.04.2022 Katrin Gödker,
Maastricht University
Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt Investor Memory
04.05.2022 Ralf Münnich,
Trier Universtiy
Mark Trede Lecture postponed to 18 May
11.05.2022 Carina Neisser,
University of Cologne
Johannes Becker Earnings Disclosure by Politicians
18.05.2022 Ralf Münnich,
Trier University
Mark Trede Regionalized Dynamic Microsimulations - An Introduction to the MikroSim Model
01.06.2022 Bas Jacobs,
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Johannes Becker Optimal Taxation of Capital Income with Heterogeneous Rates of Return
15.06.2022 Farid Toubal,
University of Paris-Dauphine
Nadine Riedel Corporate tax avoidance and sales: micro evidence and aggregate implications
29.06.2022     Date is not available
06.07.2022     Graduation ceremony