Directions for online evaluations for lecturers

Evaluations at School for Business and Economics will switch to an online method. With this change, there are a few things that we need your cooperation with to ensure a problem-free execution.

Checklist for correct execution (more detailed explanations below)

  • All of my lectures are correctly assigned to me.
  • All lectures have Learnweb courses and all students are enrolled in those.
  • The evaluation period has begun. The evaluation coordinator Dr. Ulrike Augustin normally informs about the beginning of the period at the beginning of the semester.
  • Under "Add a block" I clicked the “EvaSys Sync” button (and automatically notified Dr. Augustin with it)
  • I informed the students about the evaluation in the lecture and showed them the information slide
  • I have received my result sheet.

Detailed process chain of the evaluation process

Please click here to display the image of the process chain. The steps pertaining to you are marked in red and explained further below.

Explanations of the various steps of the process chain

In order for the evaluation process to work flawlessly, the following points have to be considered:

Check lecture index for errors

The dean’s office normally sends the lecture index to the lecturers before the beginning of the new semesters so the contents can be checked. Should there be any wrong information, please have this corrected. Please contact the person responsible (at the moment: Petra von Oppenkowski). This way we can ensure that the evaluations are conducted by the right person and that the results reach the right person. Should errors arise during the semester, please directly contact the evaluation coordinator Dr. Ulrike Augustin.

Create Learnweb course for the lecture / exercise / seminar

At the beginning of the semester, lecturers or the assigned research assistants are requested to create Learnweb courses for their university events. Those are mandatory for the online evaluation as students are synchronized with our survey system with them. In courses that can be assigned to more than one module (e.g. specialisation modules in Information Systems), identical naming conventions ensure that every participant of a course can evaluate.

Ask students to enrol in the Learnweb course

The students have to be enrolled in the learnweb courses to be able to evaluate online. Since students can enrol after some time has passed or still disenrol if they decide not to participate, the synchronisation should be executed after some time has passed in the new semester for the number of participants to consolidate.

Click “EvaSys Sync” under "Add a block" and after that invite the participants

The new Learnweb module is responsible for the synchronisation with EvaSys and makes it possible for students to fill in surveys with the app. By clicking the button "EvaSys Sync" under "Add a block" and after that "Invite participants", the evaluation coordinator (at the moment: Dr. Ulrike Augustin) is notified that the pertaining course is open for evaluation and the e-mails of the students are transferred to EvySys. The coordinator then sends an e-mail to all affected students with all relevant data for the survey. With this, students are reminded about the evaluation and are able to open it via web browser.

Note: If you have one course in the course overview (e.g. entitled with Lecture/Tutorial),  there will be generated two surveys, one for the lecture and one for the tutorial and you only need one course in the Learnweb. If you click the "EvySys Sync" button, the emails of the students will be transferred to both surveys and the evaluation for both surveys can be made.

Inform about evaluation during the lecture

As usual, one should take a period of time out of a lecture to let students fill in the forms. Please find below this paragraph information slides that contain a short instruction for evaluating via the app. Students without Android or Apple devices are requested to follow the link in their inbox to open the survey.

It is important to stress the anonymity of the evaluation to prevent concerns about privacy and data security. The developer of the system, Electric Paper, guarantees anonymization. The transaction numbers for opening surveys are randomly generated and leave no trace as to who received which one. All data (except for comments) are sent to the lecturers in averages.

Here are the downloads for the information slides:

Faculty layout (Business/Economics) - German

Faculty layout (Business/Economics) - English

ERCIS Layout (Information Systems) - German

ERCIS Layout (Information Systems) - English

At the end of the evaluation period, the result sheet will be sent to the lecturers by the evaluation coordinator as usual.