Information for Students

Evaluations at the School for Business and Economics will switch from paper forms to online forms in the future. For that, questionnaires will be made available to fill in either via your smartphone or via a PC. A description of the process and FAQs can be found here.


What follows is some information about the statutory bases of quality audits, the way in which such audits are conducted, and the appraisal sheets which are used to elicit value judgments from students.

Statutory Bases

  • The assessment regulations of the University of Münster provide that teaching standards should be assessed at regular intervals by students.
  • As the personal data of both students and academic staff have to be processed,  data protection guidelines have been drawn up.

The Assessment System

  • Data are processed by means of a software package called EvaSys. This software has been installed on a central server in the Centre for Information Processing, and it is used on scanning stations in each of the University’s departments.
  • In Department 4 the technical implementation of the assessment is overseen by the evaluation coordinator, who works together with the Student Coun­cil.

The Questionnaires

New appraisal sheets were introduced in the winter semester 2012/13. Each appraisal sheet consists of a basic section – 13 questions all told – and modules which vary with the nature of the course that is to be assessed. The appraisal sheets are modelled on question schedules developed by psychologists working at the University of Münster. Considered from a methodological viewpoint, the chief characteristic of the questionnaires is what is known as feedback orientation, i.e. all the questions are framed in such a way as to elicit respondents’ subjective impressions. Thus, for instance, a student can tick a box to indicate to what extent the course he/she attended provided a satisfactory overview of the topics that were covered. Psychologists have checked the appraisal sheets for reliability and validity. 

Specimen appraisal sheets can be found here. There is one for a lecture, one for a tutorial, and one for a seminar.


Statistical Data

  • Respondents are required to provide some information about the courses of study for which they have enrolled (cf. the questions at the head of the form).
  • The question about gender is optional. For reasons of data protection, it is preferable not to answer this question when only a small number of students have enrolled for a course. 

Code numbers for courses and degrees can be found in the tables below. Respondents are requested to check the subjects and degrees file if the courses they are following are not listed here.

Business Administration 021
Economics 175
Information Systems (Bachelor) 846
 Information Systems (Master) 952
Politics and Economics 969
Economics and Law 945
Economics (discontinued) 960


BSc 82
MSc 88
Dr 06

Online Polls

  • In certain cases online polls are carried out. Students who wish to take part in an online poll require a TAN. This protects their anonymity and legitimises their participation in the poll.
  • The address for online polls is as follows: