Description and FAQs concerning online evaluation for students

Evaluations at the Münster School for Business and Economics will switch from paper forms to online forms in the future. For that, questionnaires will be made available to fill in either via your smartphone or via a PC.

How does this work?

We link the Learnweb platform with our evaluation system EvaSys via the lecture index of the university. With this link, we are able to invite the participants of a lecture to the right evaluations.

For an unambiguous assignment, we need your ZIV login name. That is why it is important that you enroll in the Learnweb courses pertaining to your lectures.

How do I evaluate then?

For Android and Apple device users

The online evaluations at our faculty can be filled in comfortably with your smartphone or your PC via your web browser of choice. Evaluation via smartphone happens with the faculty app that was developed by two project seminars from the information systems Bachelor’s program over the course of two semesters. Inside the app, students can log in with their ZIV data and then fetch and fill in their available evaluations.

For everyone else

If you don’t have a supported end device, you can also fill in the questionnaire using your PC. As soon as a lecture is open for evaluations, you will receive an e-mail with a randomly generated transaction number and a link to your questionnaire. After sending your answers, this number becomes invalid and the evaluation counts as completed.

Are evaluations still anonymous?

Yes. Transaction numbers are generated randomly and don’t let anyone find out which one was assigned to whom. All data, safe for comments, are cumulated and averaged before being sent to lecturers. That way, single questionnaires cannot be derived from the results. Comments are now also hard to assign to a person as handwriting is not taken into account in a web form. Additionally, the developer of the EvaSys system, Electric Paper, guarantees anonymity. Online evaluations are therefore just as unproblematic as paper-based evaluations.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Unfortunately, the app cannot display which part of the lecture the questionnaire is about. Hence it is essential to shortly open a form and look at the header. It shows the part of the lecture the form pertains to (lecture, exercise or seminar).

If there are any other questions, please contact the evaluation coordinator Dr. Ulrike Augustin.