Semester Abroad

A semester abroad during the Master's program in Economics at the University of Münster is a good opportunity not only to broaden your professional and linguistic knowledge, but also offers a great opportunity for personal development. A different perspective on the field of study, different cultural contexts and a multitude of new contacts mean a valuable gain in knowledge. Important key qualifications sought by companies, such as the ability to communicate and work in a team, independence and adaptability, can also be acquired and promoted through a stay abroad, so it is recommended that students take advantage of this opportunity.

The School of Business and Economics at the University of Münster facilitates exchanges with a large number of partner universities worldwide. These include offers within the Erasmus program as well as various non-European partner universities worldwide.  From Japan, South Korea and India to Australia and Brazil, Canada and the USA, there are numerous opportunities.

Good planning in advance is very important. Therefore, you should already think about a stay abroad at the beginning of your studies in order not to miss the relevant deadlines. Besides questions about the partner university, you should also pay attention to the application deadline and the courses to be taken. 

Helpful information for a semester abroad:

  • The ideal time for a semester abroad is the 3rd semester of the Economics Master's program, as at best you will not have to attend any more compulsory courses. The application period is about 10 months.
  • Both compulsory and optional modules can be completed abroad. All courses are credited without a grade. 
  • Courses attended abroad can be credited if economic content (no business studies, language courses or similar) predominates and they are offered at Master's level. 
  • Information on the crediting process of foreign achievements in the Master of Economics can be found here. Contact person for international credits is the adviser of studies.

The application for a semester abroad is handled by the International Relations Center (IRC). On the outgoing pages of the International Relations Center you will find detailed information on application, crediting, financing, field reports and much more. If you have any questions, please contact student mobility manager (outgoing) at the IRC.