Information on Project Studies and Master Thesis

Project studies and master's thesis are planned for the end of the Economics master's degree course in Münster. However, it is advisable to start studying these modules early on. This page provides useful information on the two modules (including registration and special features).

Project study:


a.  At the chair (no exam relevant registration):

  • See "Courses/Study" on the respective chair homepage.
  • Conduct discussions with employees at an early stage.

b.  At the examination office (FlexNow):

  • Registration possible in every semester (no LP/credit requirement)
  • Registration period: at any time: winter semester 01.10.-31.03., summer semester 01.04. - 30.09. (possible regardless of the early and regular registration periods)
  • The registration in a particular semester does not require the completion of the project studies in the same semester. Thus, it is possible to work on a project across semesters.
  • Deregistration is only possible in exceptional cases in agreement with the chair and the examination office (no independent deregistration in FlexNow possible)

Idea of the project study:

  • To prepare students for an independent scientific work like the master thesis
  • Finding ideas or topics for the Master's thesis
  • By presenting the thesis and receiving feedback from the supervisor, it is possible to incorporate feedback into the master's thesis.


  • Project studies and master thesis do not necessarily have to build on each other or be completed at the same chair.
  • It is, however, desirable if project studies and master thesis are linked in terms of content, as the project studies should ideally lay the foundation for the master thesis.
  • Flexible start within the semester (arrangement with supervising staff) possible.
  • If the goal is to complete the master's degree in 4 semesters, it is recommended to start the project study before the beginning of the 4th semester (for example in the 3rd semester or during the semester break before the 4th semester), because project study and master's thesis (5 months) can hardly be completed in one semester and otherwise one has to take an additional semester.

Master thesis


a.  At the chair:

  • Early contact with the chair or its staff is recommended.
  • Topic allocation/development: Obtain information on the chair's homepage.
  • Formalities are usually to be found on the homepage of the chair, otherwise contact the supervising staff.

b.  At the examination office:

  • Quarterly registration period (examination office dates and information on the Master's thesis)
  • The grade of the project studies and also the submission of the project studies do not have to be submitted to the examination office at the time of the (quarterly) registration of the Master's thesis, which takes place several months before the topic is issued.


  • Completed project studies before official issue of the master thesis (start of the processing period).


  • The processing time is 5 months. This algorithm can be used as an orientation for calculating the processing period.