The subject of Economics is divided into the following centres:

Center for Applied Research in Economics Münster (CAWM)

The Center for Applied Research in Economics Münster (Centrum für Angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung Münster, CAWM) of Münster University was founded in 2002. The CAWM’s research projects cover a broad range of economics issues, focusing on traffic and regional economics, housing economics, cooperative management, finance, energy economics as well as the economic situation and the labour market. Within the scope of extensive research funded by third parties, the CAWM continuously provides theoretically and empirically sound analyses for ministries, enterprises, foundations and associations. In addition, the professors and staff of the CAWM are strongly committed to teaching in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, and they offer their students events that follow the highest teaching standards and that implement innovative teaching methods.

Institute of Cooperative Research (Prof. Dr. Theurl)
Institute of Transport Economics (Prof. Dr. Sieg)
Institute for Public and Regional Economics (Prof. Dr. Nadine Riedel)
Chair of Economics, esp. Energy and Resource Economics (Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel)
Assistant Professor of Economics, esp. Regulatory Economics and Industrial Organization (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Gordon Klein)

Center for Quantitative Economics (CQE)

The Center for Quantitative Economics (CQE) of Münster University was founded in 2008. The research of the CQE members focuses on a large variety of theoretical and quantitative problems from economics. These include, among others, the areas of “international economic relations”, “monetary economics”, “theory and empiricism of international financial markets” and the development of econometric methods for financial markets. At the CQE, research has an international orientation and is aimed at publication in renowned academic journals. The CQE’s professors also convey international research standards in teaching. Thus, the students receive a high quality scientific education which includes all aspects of modern economics.

Chair of Monetary Economics (Prof. Dr. Bohl)
Insitute of International Economics (Prof. Dr. Kempa)
Institute for Economic and Social History (Prof. Dr. Pfister)
Institute of Econometrics and Economic Statistics (Prof. Dr. Trede)
Chair of Empirical Economics (Prof. Dr. Wilfling)

Center for Economic Theory (CET)

The Center for Economic Theory (CET) of Münster University was founded in summer 2013. The research of the CET has a theoretical and applied theoretical approach, focusing on microeconomic and financial issues. As regards teaching, the CET undertakes a significant share of the theoretical and microeconomic education in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses.

Institute of Public Economics (Prof. Dr. Becker)
Institut für Finanzwissenschaft II (Prof. Dr. Prinz)