Deselection of a Compulsory Elective Module

According to the examination regulations, each student is allowed to deselect one of the compulsory elective modules during the course of the Economics Master's program in Münster. Information on the requirements and consequences of a deselection as well as on the application procedure can be found on this page.

Requirements for a possible deselection:

  • The compulsory elective module must not have been completed at the time of deselection.
  • An elective module is considered not completed only in the following cases:
    • The corresponding written exam/seminar paper was written and not passed (grade 5.0 - not passed).
    • Only partial services within the compulsory elective module were completed by the time of deselection.
    • The exam has not yet been written (or the seminar paper has not yet been handed in), but the cancellation deadline has already expired.

Deselection of an elective compulsory module is therefore not permitted if the exam has already been written (or the seminar paper has been handed in) but no result has been determined or the exam has been graded as passed.

Further restrictions:

  • Deselection of an elective compulsory module is only possible once during the course of study.
  • Deselection is also excluded if the elective module in question has not been finally passed (i.e. usually after the third attempt if the maximum number of three third attempts has not yet been reached, otherwise after the second attempt).
  • The deselection of an elective compulsory module for which a Bachelor course has already been completed as a bridge course in the Master is also excluded.

Consequences of a deselection:

  • The deselected elective compulsory module cannot be re-elected. It is therefore no longer available as an option in the further course of study.
  • Examination achievements of the de-selected elective compulsory module are considered not to have been taken (possible failed attempts are therefore no longer considered).

General information:

  • In order to be able to de-select the elective compulsory module, an application must be submitted to the Examinations Office.
  • The valid legal regulation for a deselection is the Examination Regulations 2015 (§16, section 4) for the Economics Master.