Bachelor Courses as Bridge Courses in the Master

In order to acquire the necessary (previous) knowledge for the elective modules, Master students have the possibility to take certain basic modules from the Bachelor's program. There is no obligation to take the basic modules. All master modules can also be taken without completing the basic modules. 

The examination of the prerequisites necessary for attending the Bachelor modules as well as the registration for the modules is carried out at the respective responsible institute.


  • No course with comparable content was completed in the Bachelor's program (to be proven by submitting the Transcript of Records).
  • The Master elective module, for which the Bachelor module is intended to prepare, has not yet been completed (to be verified by presenting a current Transcript of Records).

Application procedure:

  • The registration for the Bachelor module must be done directly at the institute, i.e. not at the examination office (neither in person nor via FlexNow).
  • The relevant registration period (early or regular) is the same as the registration deadlines of the examination office.
  • When registering for the Bachelor's course, the Master's module based on it must also be selected, which will then be bindingly blocked. This module is automatically reserved in FlexNow, i.e. your options are reduced by the selected module.
  • The registration for the master module is done as usual via FlexNow and has to be done independently at any later time.
  • It is not permitted to take the Master module before the Bachelor course.
  • (Deregistration from both exams is possible via FlexNow).


  • It is not possible to change the Master module afterwards. 
  • Per topic area (see below) only one basic module from the Bachelor can be completed, even if several of the Master modules are taken.
  • The Bachelor module must be taken in a semester before the Master module, but at the latest in the same semester. If the module is taken in the same semester, the Bachelor and Master exams must either take place in the same exam phase (early or regular) or the Bachelor exam (early) takes place before the Master exam (regular). It is therefore not permitted to take the Master's exam in the early phase and the Bachelor's exam in the (following) regular phase within one semester.
  • If the Bachelor's examination is not passed in one semester and the Master's examination is passed, it is not possible to re-register for this Bachelor's module in subsequent semesters. In this case, a change of elective module is provided for, which does not affect the unique possibility to deselect an elective module in the VWL Master.

In the following the Bachelor and the corresponding Master courses, which can be taken according to the examination regulations §7 (3), are listed. There is also a link to the respective contact persons. 



If you are interested in attending a preparatory Bachelor's course in conjunction with the Master's elective module, please contact the respective contact person. Further information can also be found on the homepages of the chairs.