New information since 09 June 2020

Students (of Economics/Business Administration) can apply for admission to the master’s degree course in business administration if they satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • a BA degree or a comparable first degree qualification
  • if the bachelor’s degree course has not yet been completed, a provisional certificate or a transcript of records with at least 140 ECTS and the student’s current average grade
  • a grade (or provisional average grade) of at least 2.9 (German Grading Scheme) in the BA examination
  • subject-specific requirements
    • at least 40 ECTS credit points awarded for business administration, including at least 12 ECTS credit points awarded for what will be the major subject (accounting, finance, management or marketing)
    • at least 30 ECTS credit points awarded for economics, mathematics and statistics taken as a whole
    • Of the 40 ECTS points awarded for business administration in general, no more than 10 ECTS credit points may be replaced by extra (30+) credit points for mathematics and statistics.
  • If applicants can furnish official proof that they were among the best ten percent of the final-year students in their age group (studying Economics/Business Administration), they are eligible for selection even though they do not meet the subject-specific admission requirements.
  • Linguistic requirements: German (link), English (link FAQ)

The result of a scholastic aptitude test (GMAT, TM-Wiso and the like) is not required and is not taken into account in the selection process.

If you have any questions about admission criteria, please contact our student coordinators.

Applicants who meet the formal and subject-specific requirements are deemed eligible for selection and are awarded points for their strengths and achievements. The maximum number of points that can be awarded to each applicant is 100. The strengths and achievements that are taken into consideration are as follows:


(cf. the entrance and admission regulations: link)


Information about Applications

Prepare your application

Please read the following important information about application carefully (Version 2020):

general information about the application process (citizens of EU-countries)

general information about the application process (citizens of Non EU-countries)

checklist application documents

Translation and conversion of foreign certificates/transcripts or grades, which are not displayed according to the grading scheme of the Examination Regulations (§17 Prüfungsordnung Master BWL)

In the beginning of May 2020

 WWU’s online applications portal

20 August2020

Application deadline for citizens of EU-countries

Application deadline for citizens of Non EU-countries (online and by post)

In the beginning of August 2020

The letters of admission/notifications of rejection are forwarded by the registrar’s office (ONLINE and  - only for Non EU-citizens – in writing or by email)