Professor Russell Haines
Visiting International Professor (VIP)

Old Dominion University, Norfolk (USA)
Datum/Zeitraum des Besuches: 
1. Juni 2019 bis 30. Juli 2019
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    Russell Haines is Professor at the Old Dominion University , Norfolk (USA), Department of IT and Decision Sciences. His central research interest is the impact of information technology on group interaction. This has grown from his study of sociology as a supporting field and his use of a computer-based group experiment for his dissertation. Prof. Haines has leveraged his experience with computer-supported experimentation and teamed with others to study group interaction, group behavior, and other phenomena involving multiple participating individuals. 

    Since completing his dissertation, he has developed several computer-based group experiments as extensions of his dissertation or as a result of discussions with other faculty members about their research. Russell Haines anticipates that much of his future research will likewise involve similar extensions and collaborations. He is currently leading research projects that study 1) the creation of awareness in computer-mediated communication and its effect on group decision-making, 2) the ethical decision-making processes in individuals and groups when considering the use/misuse of information technology, and 3) supply chain decision-making and decision coordination.

    Prof. Haines conducts his research in an interdisciplinary manner, applying theories, methods, and concepts from other fields, primarily Sociology and Organizational Psychology. He has a working knowledge of univariate and multivariate statistics and structural equation modeling (AMOS and PLS), and experience with ethnography and case study research as qualitative methods. At a more technical level, he is interested in communication technology, database design, and human-computer interaction.

    Professor Russell Haines is visiting the Institute for Information Systems to give the lecture on “Networks Economics” (Master IS) and to moderate a seminar on “Detachment at the digital workplace” (Master IS) at the chair of Prof. Dr. Stefan Klein.