Master Economics

Master in Economics

The Master in Economics prepares you for an international career in business, international organistions or research - all in the finest student city in the world.

Excellent education

You have a bachelor's degree in economics or a related discipline - and want to progress further? We offer you an internationally accredited English-language master's degree program at the top of the university rankings, a wide range of specialization options, over 100 partner universities abroad, and plenty of contacts in the field.

Best future prospects

Graduates of our study programs occupy top positions in business, ministries and international organizations or go into research. Regular guest lectures by practitioners give you insight into all possible career paths. You want to found a startup? We have our own incubator, the REACH Euregio Startup Center!

The city is your campus

Münster is the epitome of a student city. The Aasee, the pubs and clubs of the Kuhviertel, the market on the Domplatz, the harbor - the city offers you the ideal backdrop for two exciting years.

Port with restaurant and tech company © Winfried Michels

An ambitious curriculum

In the first year of your master's program, you will take the four core subjects of economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, regulation and empirical methods). Building on this, you can design your own study profile.

Are you primarily interested in economic policy issues and could you imagine a career in a government ministry or in business associations? Then this could be the right study profile for you! Are you mainly interested in empirical research? Then have a look here. Or are your interests more in energy markets, transportation, etc.? Then this could be interesting for you.

At the end of your studies there is the project study and the master thesis, in which you answer a research question entirely by yourself. Here you can find a study plan and an overview of all electives.

University Castle Park © Winfried Michels

How can I apply?

Apply here for the Master in Economics on the application homepage of the University of Münster.

For the winter semester you can apply from the beginning of May until July 15, and for the summer semester from the beginning of November until January 15.

Here you can find the admission requirements.

Contact person for prospective students

Dr. Thomas Hagedorn


When will I receive an response to my application?

Promptly after the application process has been completed, probably at the end of January (for the summer semester) or at the end of July/beginning of August (for the winter semester). Then you will be able to view your application status or your decision online in the applicant portal of Münster University. Please note that admission notifications are only posted online and not sent by normal mail.

What is the difference between access and admission?

The admission procedure consists of two stages: Access and Admission. First, access is verified. If the access requirements are fulfilled, the admission is checked in a second stage. If the access requirements are not met, a rejection letter is sent. During the admission review, applications are evaluated against the admission criteria and ranked according to the determined score.

What documents do I need for enrollment?

The documents required for enrollment will be listed in your letter of admission. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant person in the Student Admissions Office .

Can I make up missing credits for access?

The admission committee evaluates your completed studies on the basis of the respective curriculum. Your application can only be considered if the admission requirements for the Master's program are met. The admission requirements must be met at the time of application; missing credit points for admission cannot be made up subsequently. Admission to the Master's program subject to conditions (making up for missing credit points) is not possible. The University of Münster does not offer any preparatory or bridging courses from the Bachelor's program for the application to the Master's program.

Can I apply even if I still have to complete credits and I have not yet completed my Bachelor's degree?

You can apply with the preliminary certificate or Transcript of Records. The Transcript of Records must prove at least 135 ECTS credits. The bachelor's degree (incl. transcript of records) must be completed by the time of enrollment (May 15 or November 15) at the latest. However, outstanding credits for the current semester will not be considered in the application. Only completed courses can be considered.

Can I submit documents after the application deadline?

No. Submission of documents after the application deadline is not possible. Only a statutory additional submission period of 5 days is granted.

Are waiting semesters considered in the application?

No. Waiting semesters are not relevant for the application to the Master's program in Economics and will not be considered.