Chair for Monetary Economics

The chair of Monetary Economics at the University of Muenster in Germany was established in 1974. Head of the chair was first Professor Manfred Borchert and currently is Professor Martin T. Bohl.

The chair members teach students in the bachelor-, master- and PH.D-programs in monetary theory and policy. The following courses are offered on a regular basis: Monetary Theory, Monetary Policy and Asset Pricing. The main objectives of the seminars and courses are to train students in money demand, money supply, transmission mechanisms of monetary policy, inflation and central banking and aspects of asset pricing. The topics are linked to current issues in monetary theory and policy. Moreover, quantitative aspects play a major role in the offered lectures.
The members of the chair pursue research in the field of monetary economics and capital markets. Currently, the staff is focusing on the following research topics:

  • Transmission of unexpected monetary policy impulses on the stock markets in the European Monetary Union.
  • Appropriate reactions of monetary policy to speculative bubbles in asset prices.
  • The impact of individual and institutional investors on asset pricing mechanisms.

The link to the chair of Monetary Economics website is provided here.