Helsinki (Finland), June 11-12, 2009


Chinese Financial Markets and the World Economy

in Helsinki (Finland), June 11-12, 2009

organized by Martin T. Bohl (University of Münster) 
Pierre L. Siklos (Wilfrid Laurier University and Viessmann European Research Centre, Waterloo, Canada) and
The Bank of Finland Institute for Economics and Transition (BOFIT), Helsinki, Finland



Call for Papers

Please find the detailed "Call for Papers" here.



Please find the detailed "Program" here.



  • Jeffrey L. Callen, Karen Lai and Steven X. Wei, Understanding the Variation of Foreign Share Price Discounts - A Study of Dual-listed Chinese Firms
  • Andrea Beltratti, Bernardo Bortolotti and Marianna Caccavaio, Stock Prices in a Speculative Market: The Chinese Split-Share Reform
  • Tse-Chun Lin, Dynamic Short-Sales Constraints, Price Limits and Price Delays
  • Huimin Chung, Jie Lu and Bruce Mizrach, An Empirical Analysis of the Shanghai and Shenzen Limit Order Books
  • Martin T. Bohl, Michael Schuppli and Pierre L. Siklos, Stock Return Seasonalities and Investor Structure: Evidence for China's B-Share Markets
  • Enzo Weber and Yanqun Zhang, Common Influences, Spillover and Integration in Chinese Stock Markets
  • Warren Bailey, Wei Huang and Zhishu Yang, Bank Loans with Chinese Characteristics: Some Evidence on Inside Debt in a State-Controlled Banking System



  • The Hilton Hotel Helsinki is located in the city center of Helsinki and it takes about 20 minutes and 30 € by a taxi form the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the hotel. Please find the description for the way from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the hotel here.
  • Please find the description for the way from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the hotel with public transportation here. Bus 615 stopps at Hakaniemi. Please find the way from Hakaniemi to the hotel here.
  • Please find the description for the way from the hotel (Hilton Helsinki Strand, John Stenbergin Ranta 4, SF-00530 Helsinki) to the Place of the conference (Bank of Finland Auditorium, Rauhankatu 19, 00170 Helsinki) here.



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