Working Papers of the Chair of Monetary Economics

How Central Bank Mandates Influence Content and Tone of Communication Over Time, Martin T. Bohl, Dimitrios Kanelis and Pierre L. Siklos, CQE Working Paper No. 96, February 2022. Download

Grain Futures Trading During the Interwar Period: Introducing a New Dataset and Evidence, Elissa A.M. Iorgulescu, Alexander Pütz and Pierre L. Siklos, CQE Working Paper No. 95, January 2022. Download

An Introduction to ESMA’s Commitments of Traders Reports: Do Hedgers Really Hedge?, Martin T. Bohl, Martin Stefan and Claudia Wellenreuther,  CQE Working Paper No. 86,  August 2019. Download

Deutsche Milchprodukt-Futurekontrakte: Qualität der Preissignale und Eignung als Preisabsicherungsinstrument, Martin T. Bohl, Christian Groß and Sascha A. Weber, Thünen Working Paper 71, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institut Braunschweig, Ed., April 2017. Download