Working Papers of the Chair of Monetary Economics

Emotion in Euro Area Monetary Policy Communication and Bond Yields: The Draghi Era, Dimitrios Kanelis and Pierre L. Siklos, CQE Working Paper No. 103, December 2022. Download

An Introduction to ESMA’s Commitments of Traders Reports: Do Hedgers Really Hedge?, Martin T. Bohl, Martin Stefan and Claudia Wellenreuther,  CQE Working Paper No. 86,  August 2019. Download

Deutsche Milchprodukt-Futurekontrakte: Qualität der Preissignale und Eignung als Preisabsicherungsinstrument, Martin T. Bohl, Christian Groß and Sascha A. Weber, Thünen Working Paper 71, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institut Braunschweig, Ed., April 2017. Download