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Determinants of Anti-Migrant Voting

Project status in progress
Project time since 01.11.2017
Keywords Voting behavior, immigration, right-wing populism, right-wing extremism, contact theory

International Conference on "The Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship"

The conference addresses the origin and prospects of democracy and dictatorship, policy control and governance structures in comparative political systems and transition processes from dictatorship to democracy and vice versa. Bringing together scholars interested in interdisciplinary work on comparative political systems is our focus. Past conferences have been funded by the German Research Foundation, the School of Business and Economics and the International Office at WWU.

Project status in progress
Project time since 01.06.2016
Keywords Political Economy, democracy, dictatorship, transitions, institutions, political conflict

Institutions and Prosperity

Project status in progress
Project time since 01.04.2014
Keywords Institutions, Economic Growth, Democracy, Country Clusters

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