CRC 1385: Law and Literature - A02: Literature and the Market

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.07.2019- 30.06.2024
Funding source DFG - Collaborative Research Centre
Project number SFB 1385/1, A02
Keywords European and American Literature; General and Comparative Literature; Cultural Studies; Economic Policy; Public Finance; Private Law; Public Law

The publication of literary texts aims at markets. Hence, literature becomes an object of legal regulations. At the same time, market laws and regulations influence both the form and the content of literature. Against the background of such transformation, this project investigates representations and argumentations, which either criticize or emphasize literature's special status in monopolies or anti-trust law. Not least with regard to quickly progressing digitalization, this project will scrutinize the justification of literature's status in competition and examine whether it can hold within monopolies law in the future.