International Transportation Innovation Summit - PEDAL 2023

Currently, a delegation of the city of Münster is visiting its twin city Fresno in California, USA. During this visit, the jointly organized mobility conference "International Transportation Innovation Summit - PEDAL 2023" will take place. The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge between the two partner cities with regard to sustainable mobility and, in particular, cycling. 

Dr. Jan Wessel from the Institute of Transport Economics at the University of Münster gave a presentation on the economic impact of road space redistribution at this conference. The subsequent discussion of this topic highlighted the high relevance for both cities. Especially given the background of wide streets, few bike lanes, and the low modal share of bicycles in Fresno, the presented results can provide an economic justification for the redistribution of road space from cars to bicycles.  

The conference's program also included discussions with representatives from FH Münster and Fresno State University about research, teaching, and potential collaborations. In addition, the local bicycle infrastructure was explored during a joint bike tour through Fresno.