Exemplary Course Plans

In order to facilitate the planning of the Economics Master's programme, exemplary study plans with different focal points are presented here. By forming two or three thematic foci, the contents of the study programme can be geared more closely to future potential occupational fields. All plans are suggestions. Each optional compulsory module can be replaced by an alternative optional compulsory module. Please also check the homepages of the chairs/institutes and the course catalogue to find out if and when the respective courses and which additional courses are offered.

General course of studies at the beginning of the winter semester:

Exemplary study plan 1: 


Exemplary study plan 2:


Exemplary study plan 3:


Exemplary study plan 4:


Exemplary study plan 5:

Exemplary study plan 6:


You can find exemplary study plans at the beginning of the summer semester here.