Registering for lectures and seminars/examinations

Lectures and Seminars

As a rule, it is not necessary to register for lectures and seminars. Depending on the nature of the course, there may, however, be exceptions.


As a rule, it is not necessary to register for lectures. There are, however, lectures which can only be attended by a limited number of students. Such is the case with lectures organised in association with companies. Relevant information can generally be found on the web pages of the professor or institute that organises the lecture. MA programmes include lectures in which case studies are dealt with in groups, and it may be necessary to register for such lectures. The necessary information will normally be provided in the first lecture.

Accompanying classes/Tutorials

It may be necessary to register for accompanying classes or tutorials so that participants can be evenly divided into groups. Further information can be found on the web pages of the professor or institute that organises the classes. As a rule, the information in question is provided in the first lecture.


As a rule, students who attend a seminar are expected to submit a term paper or do several written assignments or case studies. In many cases a large proportion of this written work has to be done in the semester break before the semester in which the seminar is held. Accordingly, a meeting is normally arranged towards the end of term time. At this meeting, information is provided about the seminar which is to be held during the next semester. Students register, topics are distributed, and organisational details are sorted out. It follows therefore that students who wish to take part have to attend this meeting and register via the professor or lecturer who is going to conduct the seminar. However, it is equally important that participants should register via the Examinations Office. Although registration via the Examinations Office is generally delayed, this second registration is binding. If students fail to register via the Examinations Office, the results they obtain by participating in a seminar cannot be taken into account. Some seminars can only be attended by a limited number of students, and in certain circumstances seminars may be reallocated between two or more professors.

Project Seminars

Project seminars are special seminars taken by BA and MA students of Information Systems. As a rule, these seminars are presented towards the end of the preceding semester, and places are distributed to students. Further information can be found here.


Students can only register for examinations via the Examinations Office and at the times indicated by the Office. This applies to all the modules. Registration is essential since a module will not count towards a student’s final degree mark unless the regulations are observed. In most cases students who wish to register for a seminar only need to register for the entire module of which the seminar is a part. As a rule, they can only opt out of a course without a valid reason before expiry of the registration deadline.