Key qualification: Technology-oriented leadership


The course "Technology-oriented Leadership" for bachelorstudents will take place in the winter semester 2021/22. The course is creditable as a key-qualification.

The interactive format of the course includes learning theory, illustration through case studies, and group discussions. 
The course is offered in collaboration with Dr. Florian Degen, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Fraunhofer Research Manufacturing Battery Cell FFB. A tour of the FFB in Münster is hereby also part of the course. 

The number of participants is limited to ~12.

The course will be held biweekly on thursdays from 2 - 5 p.m. beginning October 13, 2022. 

Language German
Credit Points 3

Course overview & content

The course is aimed at bachelor students, especially in economics, who want to manage projects and/or employees in technology-oriented companies in the future. 

The students are taught various soft skills in order to be able to work successfully and goal-oriented in technology-oriented companies. This includes, for example, understanding how technology-oriented companies and their employees think, communicate and act. Furthermore, tools are taught how especially economists can circumvent communication problems and successfully lead technical teams and projects.

The course includes three core approaches. Firstly, learning the theory by means of lecture elements. Second, the theory is repeatedly illustrated by practical examples, mostly from the environment of battery cell research production or battery cell manufacturing. A third element is the joint discussion of the presented cases, theory and practice, first in small groups and then in the whole group. 

Before the end of the course, there will be a tour of the Fraunhofer Research Fabrication Battery Cell FFB. The course will conclude with a final presentation by the participants.

Professional skills

After successful completion of the course:

  • students know the "culture differences" between economics and engineering and natural sciences.
  • students understand the perspectives and motivators of technically oriented personnel.
  • students understand the "language" and mindset of technically oriented personnel.
  • students understand how technology-oriented companies function and how they differ from other companies.
  • students know the possibilities for joint, goal-oriented communication.
  • students know how to manage technology-oriented projects, personnel and organisational units successfully and in a goal-oriented way.

Development of a case study in groups and presentation of the results to the course based on regular attendance and active participation.

Attendance Attendance is strongly recommended to enhance learning.

Registration for the remaining places is possible by mail until the start of the event to Manfred Strehlow.

After registration and confirmation of participation a few days after the registration deadline, the examination-legally binding registration at the examination office is still required.


For questions about the content and to the instructor: 

Dr. Florian Degen

For questions about registration and administrative issues: 

Manfred Strehlow