Andrea Langer-Ballion

Dialogue Forum: Climate Protection and Finance (KlimFi)

At the end of February, this year's dialogue forum on the BMBF funding guideline "Climate Protection and Finance" (KlimFi) took place in Frankfurt, where all projects presented their current research results. As a cornerstone of the large project, we, the University of Münster, together with our partners from SAFE Frankfurt, Climate & Company, and Ruhr University Bochum, presented the latest findings within the framework of the project "Climlabels - Transformation Labels in Climate Finance". During this, we exchanged ideas with other projects and discussed potential synergies and collaborations. In interactive discussion panels with representatives from the Sustainable Finance Advisory Board, the Bundesbank, and other institutions, as well as in workshops and individual discussions, the latest developments in the field of sustainable finance were intensively discussed and exchanged. The forum proved to be extremely informative, exciting, and productive, as it provides a space for the exchange of German research in the field of sustainable finance. It is delightful and of great importance that such a platform exists to make progress in the direction of climate protection.