Andrea Langer-Ballion

Sustainability in Education

On November 27, 2023, the annual Teaching Day on the theme "University Teaching in Times of Societal Challenges" took place at the University of Münster. Dr. Sophie Stockhinger (Head of International Accreditation) and Dr. Eric Meyer (Deputy Sustainability Officer) provided insights into "The Integration of Sustainability in Teaching" at the Faculty of Economics during a presentation.

The ability to think and act sustainably is a key factor in addressing the current challenges of our society. The Faculty of Economics has been engaging with this topic for quite some time. Events on "Environmentally Oriented Business Management" and "Environmental Economics, especially Emissions Trading," were already offered in the 1990s. Partly motivated by specific requirements of international accreditation standards and partly by the noticeable demand from students, the intention is to systematically integrate the topic into the department in the future. "This is an opportunity for us to develop a shared understanding of the dimensions of sustainability at the faculty and to create conditions for the integration of sustainability into curricula, among other aspects," said Dr. Sophie Stockhinger. "Our focus is not only on imparting specific expertise, for example, in the areas of resource management and economic stability but also on raising awareness of individual responsibility and the consequences of decisions," added Dr. Eric Meyer. Action areas include not only teaching but also research, transfer, and operational activities.