Institute for Economic and Social History

The Institute for Economic and Social History is responsible for the education of BA-, MA- and Diploma-students of economic history as an elective at the Economics Department. It is organizationally connected to the Chair of Social- and Economic History at the History Department and being led by Professor Pfister.

It teaches primarily quantitative economic history of the 19th and 20th century. That includes German economic history since industrialization, empirical methods of economic analysis and the discussion of international scholarly literature.

The emphasis of research is also on quantitative economic history. Ongoing projects concentrate on:

  • Long-run growth in Germany before 1871.
  • Development of regional export crafts before industrialization.
  • Development of regional land rentals, 17 - 19th century.
  • Market development and business management, 18 - 19th century.
  • Structural vectorautoregressive models in monetary macroeconomics.
  • Monetary policy in the interwar period.

The link to the Institute for Economic and Social History website is provided here.