Chair of Empirical Economics

The chair of Empirical Economics at the University of Muenster in Germany was established in 2002. Head of the chair is Professor Bernd Wilfling.

The chair members teach all students in the bachelor-, master- and PH.D-programs in economic quantitative methods. One of the main objectives of the seminars and courses is to train students in testing economic theories empirically by applying appropriate econometric techniques. The following courses are offered on a regular basis: Elementary Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Econometrics, Empirical Economics and Time Series Analysis.

The members of the chair pursue two strands of research: First, the development of econometric methods for international financial markets. Second, the conducting of empirical studies on various types of financial markets worldwide. Currently, the staff is focusing on the following research topics:

  • The theoretical modeling and the empirical analysis of exchange rates, interest rates and option prices.
  • The characterization of stock-price dynamics prior to corporate takeovers.
  • The development of estimation procedures for continuous-time asset-price models.
  • The development of statistical methods for the identification of speculative bubbles on various types of financial markets.

The link to the chair of Empirical Economics website is provided here.