Customer-Centric Innovation

Language English
ETCS- Credits 6
Main topics This course provides an introduction to customer-centric innovation development. This involves understanding the intellectual foundations, underlying methodology, and general mindset necessary to develop innovations from a customer’s point of view. As part of this course, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with innovation methods relevant in practice and apply them in a university related context. During the five-day seminar, you will develop a customer-centric innovation in your group and learn how to translate an idea into a real market test. Classroom sessions will comprise a mixture of classical lectures (theory foundations), innovation development (application), and presentations
Learning outcomes

1. Theory foundations: understand the fundamental purpose of customer-centric innovation

2.  Application: familiarize with and apply state-of the-art methods for customer-centric innovation

3. Personal development: enable participants to methodically derive innovative ideas and reflect upon them


Student presentation and colloquium in groups (40%) and individual written essay (60%)

Presence Mandatory