Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 11/2015

The Willigness to Pay for a German Win of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
Linn-Brit Bakkenbüll/Alexander Dilger
November 2015



We examine the value of sporting success of the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil by using a method that allows measuring non-market goods, the contingent valuation method (CVM). Besides the value of sporting success in form of the willingness-to-pay (WTP), we determine what influences the WTP for different rounds in the tournament. According to our survey in Germany (n=549), the WTP increased with the success of the German national football team and respondents were willing to pay €23.00 on average if Germany became the World Champion 2014. An extrapolation of the WTP of the respondents finds that the German population at large were willing to pay €1.696 billion for becoming World Champion 2014. Tobit regressions show that expectations, intangible and socio-economic factors were significant determinants of the individual WTP.