Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 8/2022

Auswirkungen von COVID-19 auf Lehre und Arbeitsweise von Hochschulbeschäftigten
Eine Umfrage an 13 deutschsprachigen Universitäten

Lilo Seyberth
August 2022



Impact of COVID-19 on Teaching and Way of Working of University Employees
A Survey at 13 German-speaking Universities

To examine the extent and the impact of the pandemic-related changes and burdens on university
employees we conducted a survey at 13 German-speaking universities in Germany and
Austria in June 2021. Academic and non-academic employees from private and public universities
in the fields of economics, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences were surveyed.
Participants were asked about changes in the areas of work location, workload, teaching
and job satisfaction, among other things. It became clear that they perceived an increase in
stress and workload in general. Working from home as well as other changes during the pandemic,
such as the lack of childcare, have had an impact on university staff. However, there
were also positive results. Many of those surveyed enjoyed working from home and, according
to the participating university teachers, the examination and evaluation results remained
largely unchanged. The main differences seem to exist between teachers and non-teachers, as
well as between people who find it difficult to deal with the changes brought about by digitisation
versus those who find it easy.