Discussion Paper of the Institute for Organisational Economics 3/2017

The Euro from a Business Perspective
Alexander Dilger
March 2017



The euro area has several problems. Nevertheless, there is not only strong political support for it, but also most companies back the euro or at least do not complain. It is worthwhile to analyse which companies do profit from the euro and why most others do not oppose it. Exporting companies in the northern countries of the euro zone profit from the euro and the policies to save the common currency even if their countries and people suffer. Other companies, especially in the southern member countries, suffer themselves but fear a break-up of the euro area even more than its continuance. For small companies it is not worthwhile to lobby for other policies, while the companies worst affected already ceased to exist. All companies have to come to terms with the euro but should also prepare for the possible end of the euro zone. Companies in other European countries reconsider whether they really want their countries to join the euro area.