Information Systems

The master’s degree programme in information systems – a follow-on to a BA course in information systems – leads to an MSc. and equips students with the capacity to fulfil challenging tasks relating to the proper use of information technology in companies and administrative bodies. The course focuses on four topics which cut across disciplinary boundaries: information management, process management, business networks, and business intelligence. Students have to select two of these topics and take at least three deepening modules consisting of seminars. In their final semester they write their theses. The course bridges the gap between current research and the practicalities of everyday life in the world that lies beyond the confines of academia. This is often reflected in seminars and theses. Both staff and students cooperate with our business partners (e.g. Bayer, Christ, Deloitte, Dr Oetker, SAP, IDS Scheer and Gildemeister). In order to take account of the growing trend towards internationalisation in the business world, the academic staff use English as the sole language of instruction in all the lectures and seminars. Current rankings show that the courses in information systems offered by the University of Münster strike an ideal balance between theory and practice.

On the website of the Department of Information Systems we provide further information for prospective and enrolled students.