Major Management

Centrum for Management (CfM)

In order to be able to analyse and develop successful organisational and strategic ideas about management, we need to consider three things: strategic orientation, organisational behaviour, and the creation of economic incentives.

The CfM seeks to disseminate the results of scholarly research on strategic management. These results have been obtained through empirical studies based on sound theoretical models. The courses run by the CfM focus on theoretical and practical aspects of strategic management, personnel management, and corporate structure organisation. They cover a wide range of topics, e.g. value chains, strategic portfolio management, environmental and competition analysis, and relevant theories and models of corporate organisation and human resources management. Students are taught how to carry out formal analyses and empirical studies, and they also acquire a considerable amount of practical knowledge. They work on real-life case studies, have intense debates with business figures, and take part in business simulation games and works outings. Due attention is given to topics of practical relevance, e.g. making plans for setting up a new company, or analysing how an employer brand is built up.

Students acquire skills which enable them to work unaided when they have to analyse and assess problems and devise ideal solutions. They gain broad-based theoretical and practical knowledge concerning various domains of management, learn how to recognise and exploit market opportunities and performance potentials to the full, and develop a capacity to discover interrelations and make systematic analyses of problems.

Since the MA programme is based on state-of-the-art research, some graduates carve out careers in academia. Others find jobs in areas such as business consultancy, consulting, strategic management accounting, strategic corporate planning, and personnel management. There are openings in management consultancy firms and in the corporate strategy, corporate development, management-accounting and personnel departments of industrial, commercial and service providing companies.

The web pages of Centrum für Management (CfM) provide detailed information about management as an emphasis area for MA candidates. The previous knowledge required for the modules is also specified here

Minor subjects:

  • One of the following subdisciplines: accounting, finance, marketing
  • Research
  • Economics
  • Information Systems

Professors who work at the CfM:
Professor Alexander Dilger
Professor Thomas Ehrmann
Professor Jens Leker
Professor Stephan Nüesch
Professor Gerhard Schewe

Minor Management

If you are specialising in accounting, finance or marketing, you can study management as a minor subject. You have to take the following modules:

The following table provides information about the content of the modules:

The homepage of the Centrum für Management (CfM) provides further information about the requirements that have to be met by students who take management as a minor subject.