Major Finance

Finance Center Münster (FCM)

The master’s degree course run by the FCM focuses on the systematic analysis and modelling of financial markets and financial institutions (including their regulatory framework), the appraisal and use of derivatives and other financial titles in financial engineering, individual and corporate portfolio decisions, and issues relating to risk management. Due attention is given to lab experiments, methods based on arbitrage, information economics models, and behaviour-oriented approaches used in behavioural finance.

The courses on offer combine theoretical groundwork, well-founded, practically relevant factual knowledge and sophisticated quantitative methods used in analytical and empirical research. Lectures and workshops organised with the co-operation of companies are an integral part of the courses. Seminars deal mainly with current problems relevant to the professors’ ongoing research projects. From the outset students are confronted with current theoretical, experimental and empirical financial market research. They are also familiarised with the practical applications of this research. Students can pursue their own goals and interests by choosing between practical and theoretical topics in optional courses; and they enjoy the same freedom when they choose subjects for their MA theses.

As graduates of the programme increasingly have to work at an international level, most of the lectures are held in English. MA candidates are encouraged to spend some time at a foreign university. The third semester is a so-called mobility window, and each semester has been split up into two terms.

The courses run by the FCM are based soundly in theory; they encompass a wide range of topics; and they are international in scope and character. The FCM sets high standards in teaching and research, endeavours to strike a balance between theory and practice, and offers students guidance which is both thorough and geared to individual needs. Some graduates of the programme may choose to embark on an academic career. Others will find employment in banks, consultancy firms, insurance companies, financial service companies or the finance departments of private or public enterprises.

The Finance Centers Münster (FCM) provide information about finance as major subject for MA candidates. The previous knowledge required for the modules is also specified here.

Minor subjects:

  • Finance as a supplementary minor subject
  • One of the following subdisciplines: accounting, management and marketing
  • Research
  • Economics
  • Information Systems

Supplementary Minor Finance

If you take finance as a major subject, you can select a supplementary minor subject from the same area of emphasis. The minor subject courses will enable you to expand and deepen your knowledge of finance and attain a high level of specialisation in this domain.

If you take finance both as a major subject and as a supplementary minor subject, your course sequence will look like this:

Minor Finance

If you are specialising in accounting, management or marketing, you can study finance as a minor subject. Your course sequence will look like this:

The homepage of the Finance Center Münster (FCM) provides further information about the requirements that have to be met by students who take finance as a minor subject.